Results of Rahu (Dragon’s head) transit in Kark (Cancer) (From 17th August to 31st March 2018)

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Vrisha (Taurus) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the third house is influential. The uneasiness of the mind will be lessened. Soon, all your works will be done and your professional life will tend to be successful. Finances will be strong.

Mithun (Gemini) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the second house is inauspicious for you. As the effect of Rahu transit, health will be deteriorated. You will face troubles from negative people. 

Kark (Cancer) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the first house is extremely inauspicious. Despite striving hard, you will only complete half of your daily work. Your daily activities will be unplanned. All your efforts will go waste.

Simha (Leo) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in twelfth house is inauspicious. Physical, mental and intellectual sufferings will be common during this period. Trips will be unsuccessful though a few might turn out pleasant.

Kanya (Virgo) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the eleventh house is auspicious. Your regular activities will be completed in a wonderful manner. Work responsibilities will get expanded as an effect of which prosperity will increase. Your wish to buy a land or vehicle will be fulfilled during this period. Foreign trips too are on the cards for people who are highly positioned.

Tula (Libra) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the tenth house is auspicious for you. You will enjoy success in your work. You will develop a keen interest in charity and religious activities. Socially, you will remain active. Students will achieve their desired results.

Vrischik (Scorpio) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the ninth house is unfavourable for you. As an impact of this transit, you will have to face resistance from family members. Economic losses, obstacles in accomplishing activities coupled with high expenditure will exist in life. An elderly person will act as a great influence in your life.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the eighth house is inauspicious. Complications will tend to increase in life. Health-wise it is not a favourable period for you. Lack of energy will stop you from achieving success in life.

Makar (Capricorn) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the seventh house is inauspicious for you. Success will be yours only by working hard. You will however successfully complete all family responsibilities. Your job will remain secured.

Kumbha (Aquarius) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the sixth house is auspicious for you. Incomplete projects will get completed during this phase. Physical competency will be high and you will achieve success in many adventurous tasks.

Meen (Pisces) - Rahu (Dragon’s head) in the fifth house is inauspicious. You will experience uneasiness in mind. Despite doing hard labour, you will not achieve success in work. However, as a transit effect, your efforts will not be reduced and you will give your 100% to reach your goal.
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