The new “Indira” of congress – Priyanka Gandhi

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Numerologically, her total number for the date of birth, if we add the day, month and year is 14 = 5. Number 5 denotes the planet Mercury in numerology, the planet of knowledge, wisdom and intellectual capacities. She is a calm personality; she is a remarkable orator as the planet of communication rules her. If we look at the day on which she was born, it comes to 3, denoting, Jupiter, the greater benefic that has always helped her in the difficult situation to bear upon. In her horoscope, Jupiter, the greater benefic is situated in her second house with Rahu with a complete eye on her 8th house. So according to astrology and numerology, it can be inferred that this year she may rise for the congress party but the battle is not so easy.

The greater benefic will occupy her 4th house (Sagittarius) and after the middle of August, Rahu will occupy her 11th house (cancer). Jupiter is the planet of expansion; it is next to the Sun in size and orb. The transition of Jupiter in the 4th house brings happiness at home. The person gets the goodwill of the parents and success in the native place. Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi may own some new land and property due to the placement of greater benefic. The placement of Rahu in the 11th house ( Cancer ), it can start an inconstant friendship and some erratic friends. 

From 14 May 2014, her Jupiter sun-period has started and she can take an important topmost position in her party. Jupiter is strongly placed in the Dashmasha chart of Priyanka Gandhi. In her Venus - Jupiter combination period in Vimshottari dasha, she can accept a formal position in the congress party

Regarding her role in the congress party, she may accept a position in the congress party, yet the success is bleak to make the party a dominant and the largest majority party. Apart from the number and astro analysis, there are certain roles in our life that we have to do it honestly, otherwise, it’s like that we have not done our homework properly and we are expecting a gold medal. There is no substitute for hard work, so the political career of hers can only shine if the people of the country develop faith on the party she is leading, so that planets whose effects are diminished may get activated and may help her in her long political work. As, the greater benefic is in the Vismshottari dasha sub – period she can grab faith of the people, yet it needs very hard work. Her major planetary period is – Venus from March 2004 to March 2024

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