Predictions 2017 Simha Rashi (Leo)

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Wealth and property Predictions for Simha Rashi 2017 - The second half of 2017 will remain lucky in regard to finances, acquisitions and assets. It is the perfect setting to invest in land, home or property. You can go ahead with the deal related to your new house or the new office. You will enjoy financial gains; money that was stuck will be released during this period. Stay away from bribes as it will cause harm to your position and image.

Family and social relationship for Simha Rashi Predictions for Simha Rashi 2017 - Mother’s failing health might make you feel helpless and weak. Avoid negative emotions such as lust, greed and anger. Try to spend more time with children as it will make you refreshed and positive. Avoid being unnecessarily suspicious and make efforts to live a healthy life both physically and mentally. Religious pursuits and charitable work will help you overcome all negative situations.

Health for Simha Rashi Predictions for Simha Rashi 2017 - Health will not remain positive during this period. Stop taking drugs and opt for a healthy living. Half of your health problems will be sorted if you take care of hygiene in life. You need to be very cautious in what you eat as eating wrong food might affect your liver.

Career and competitive examination for Simha Rashi 2017 - The positioning of planets will cause harmful effects for you. You will have to strive too hard to achieve your goal. Do not make the mistake of taking your enemies and opponents too lightly. You have to work upon building your confidence and positivity. Do not let negative thoughts break your faith and confidence. 

Trips and transfer at work for Simha Rashi 2017 - Go for trips only when it is most essential or else it would be better to avoid them. After August 2017, there are possibilities of a foreign tour. A foreign trip will be both pleasurable and fruitful for you. 

You will exhibit leadership qualities in the professional field. With co-operation from others, you will meet success easily. You can make investments in land or house. It is the right time for people who have applied for the visa. You will feel the presence of secret enemies who are trying to harm you. Economic, family or social position is not going be the best during this period.    

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