Predictions 2017 for Karkat Rashi (Cancer)

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Karkat Rashi 2017 Predictions for Wealth and property- There will be consistency in your earnings despite a few struggles here and there. Your experience and potentiality will help you to raise your income. There is a strong possibility of getting a chance to be associated with the financial industry. Try to avoid being emotional while making major decisions in financial planning and investments.

Karkat Rashi 2017 Predictions for Family and social relationships- You will enjoy a lovely bond with your mother but will have a difficult relationship with your father. Do not let financial discussions affect the healthy atmosphere at home. You will have an argument with your spouse regarding some vital issue. Do not be upset as all these differences will get resolved by 2017 and your family life will be happy as ever.

Karkat Rashi 2017 Predictions for Health- A weakened health will lead you to face various ailments. Work will turn demanding and this will cause loss of energy and spirit in you. During the mid of 2017, diseases related to private parts may become a cause of worry for you.

Karkat Rashi 2017 Predictions for Career and competitive examination- This period brings good news for you in academics and examinations. You will beat your opponents with ease. There will many opportunities to prove your mettle. However, this is not the right time to opt for educational opportunities abroad. You are most likely to achieve success in the competitive entrance examinations. Maintain persistence and confidence and you will reach your goal.

Karkat Rashi 2017 Predictions for Trips and transfer at work- Remain cautious as there are chances of termination from the job. Lack of a pleasant relationship with your bosses might be responsible for your downfall in career. You will make wonderful plans to enhance your professional prospects. All kinds of trips will remain fruitful and happy.

There will be hurdles for you while doing any work. You might have to do more work than your capacity. You will strive for a job switch from the latter half of 2017. You might even try to seek a job out of your hometown. It is a favorable period for a job change.
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