Predictions 2017 for Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius)

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Dhanu Rashi 2017 Predictions for Wealth and property- Planetary yogas will be favourable and so desired results in life will be received. Hard work and determination will pay off and you will soon have everything that you wished for. You can initiate new activities related to work. You will do everything very intelligently during this period.

Dhanu Rashi 2017 Predictions for Family and social relationship- You will enjoy a warm and amicable relationship with friends and neighbours. A cozy and friendly atmosphere will prevail at home. You will have full faith in your friends. You will respect the elderly members of your family. Keep a check on your words or else you will end up hurting someone badly. You will experience dissatisfaction from the progeny.

Dhanu Rashi 2017 Predictions for Health- You might have to face health crisis; bone diseases will be a cause of physical suffering. Take care of your eyes. Avoid too much of tension as it might be a cause of rising blood pressure. People who have diabetes will complain of a high sugar level during this period.

Dhanu Rashi 2017 Predictions for Career and competitive examination- Students appearing for competitive entrance exam should make extra effort to come out with flying colours. Your competitors are likely to be more capable and skilled. For success, you need to augment your efforts, hard work and determination. 

Dhanu Rashi 2017 Predictions for Trips and transfer- People who are associated with the field of art might have to undergo struggle in travelling. Trips to accomplish business targets will remain fruitful during this period. This year, you are most likely to go for a job change. Transfer too might happen due to complications arising in the present workplace.

Lady luck will be by your side irrespective of what you choose to do. You will share a bitter relation with your mother. You have to strive hard to avoid such a situation to happen. In the workplace, you will come across as a very amiable person to your co-workers. You might start a secret relationship during this period. A lot of avenues to raise income will come to you. Parents will remain aggrieved with their children.

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