Pranab Mukherjee- The 13th President of India!

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Pranab Mukherjee has become the 13th President of India, the number which is considered inauspicious in many places. We are reminded that in Western and European countries the number 13 is not considered good because it brings bad luck; perhaps that is the reason that many buildings and hotels do not have the 13th floor nor do people have houses of that number. However our new President does not think that number 13 is bad for him. In a recent interview he was praising the number 13 and before he shifted to the Rashtrapati Bhawan he was living in a house number 13 where he enjoyed high positions and power in the Central government. As a matter of fact he echoes the ethos of Vedic numerology which says 13 is equal to 4 (1+3=4). This indicates a pattern of uncertainty and it can be seen in his life too. This was also visible just before he took oath as the President.

Let us examine astrologically how this pattern of uncertainty would reflect in the coming five years. His kundli reads as follows – Cancer lagna was rising on the Eastern horizon and planetary configuration is as such: Ketu, Pluto – Cancer, Neptune – Leo, Mars – Virgo, Jupiter – Libra, Moon – Sagittarius, Sun, Rahu – Capricorn, Mercury, Venus, Saturn – Aquarius and Uranus in Aries.

Pranab Mukherjee's story is somewhat similar to a rags-to-riches story. A small boy from a small village in West Bengal has risen high in his career early in his life. In the Government of Indira Gandhi he was the Finance Minister of India and after her death he tried to proclaim his position as number two but that went against him. Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress party dropped him like a hot potato and he had become untouchable for many years. The Party's loyalists were not mingling with him and he was sidelined which was very painful to him. His entire personality underwent a seas change around that time.

Pranab Dada met me after the death of Rajiv Gandhi, in a common friend's house where he wanted me to read his horoscope. Whatsoever equation he had developed with Rajiv Gandhi had come to a standstill as the political situation of the country had changed. I recall that he was quite uncertain about himself at that time. I had seen his chart at length. His lagna is Cancer and at that time Jupiter – Saturn's dasha had just begun. Jupiter is the karka (significator) of the lagna and quite strong in the fourth house. Saturn has occupied the 8th house along with Venus and Mercury. Both the planets Jupiter and Saturn are well-connected from each other. Generally speaking this combination gives a boost to a sagging career. But Saturn in the 8th house did not give me strong signals of his coming future.

Since I was not getting clear cut signals after seeing this combination; therefore I asked Pranabda to take a few steps so that I could see his feet and how he walks. Pranabda agreed easily and took a few steps up and down. Samudra shastra (phrenology) and astrology are interlinked sciences. According to Samudra Shastra the entire body of a person gives indications of his personality and his future. How one's feet touch the ground show how the sole holds ground through his feet and that decides his destination or future. After minutely watching Pranabda pacing up and down and watching how his sole was touching the ground gave me an indication that he is heading for a great future. I told him there that within 90 days he will get a position equivalent to a Minister but will not be a Minister. Later on there was no looking back. Soon after Narsimha Rao assumed the office of Prime Minister Pranab Mukherjee was made Deputy Speaker of the Planning Commission and the rest is history.

Pranabda has become President at such a time when the political environment is full of uncertainty. Congress and UPA is more or less directionless for quite some time due to huge graft charges against many ministers. Leadership is also an issue and Rahul Gandhi still has to test the waters. BJP and NDA on the other hand is also not sure of themselves. BJP's internal dilemma is more acute because every top leader is not thinking less than occupying 7 Race Course Road. Anna Hazare, Ramdev and social society's agitation against corruption has not given a real shape to the future. Under these compelling circumstances one cannot think straight what will be the outcome in the coming elections of 2014.

According to our astrological understanding President's role is going to be very crucial in the coming years. Although President is the constitutional head and cannot go out of the sphere of constitution, but interpretation of constitution keeps on changing from person to person. Perhaps that is what we are going to see in the next few years. To prove our point we would like to take the help of the horoscope at the time of the oath ceremony.

Pranab Mukherjee took oath at 11.30 am at New Delhi on 25th July 2012. Virgo ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon and the planetary configuration is as follows. Moon, Mars, Saturn – Virgo, Rahu – Scorpio, Pluto – Sagittarius, Neptune – Aquarius, Uranus – Pisces, Jupiter, Venus, Ketu – Taurus and Sun, Mercury in Cancer. We are reminded of the oath ceremony time of Giani Zail Singh which was also not very good therefore the country had witnessed a tug-of-war between Rajiv Gandhi and Zail Singh for quite a long time and it is believed that Giani Zail Singh wanted to sack him.

Nothing is being repeated in this world therefore we are not anticipating the same situation vis-à-vis Pranab Mukhejee's tenure but it does indicate a different kind of national crisis.

The oath ceremony lagna is Virgo and Saturn, Mars and Moon are present in it. Saturn is the lord of 6th house which indicates constitutional issues arising at some point of time during this tenure. Mars is the lord of 8th which indicates that there could be some impediments which will create a conflicting situation due to some kind of political instability in the country around 2013 – 2014. Lord of lagna is Mercury and is very well placed in the 11th house alongwith Sun, but this Mercury is retrograde. The lord of lagna represents President as such and its lord is placed in the 11th house indicating that he has all the knowledge and power to bring about certain needed changes but cannot do much due to retrogression of lord of lagna, Mercury.

Here comes the importance of the 9th house. The 9th house represents wisdom knowledge, luck and collective intellectual wisdom of many people. There could be a situation of impasse where Pranab Mukherjee will need the wisdom of intellectual luminaries of the constitution who will help him overcome the confusing situation. This will be a historic situation which he will overcome beautifully and differently from all the other Presidents, and Pranab Mukherjee's name will be written in golden letters.
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