Paush Putrada Ekadashi Vrat: For Getting Progeny

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People observe different Ekadashi Vrats for attainment of different kinds of goals in life and get different desires fulfilled. Putrada Ekadashi vrat is observed on the eleventh day of the bright half of lunar month (Shuklapaksh) in the month of Paush (December – January). The name of this Ekadashi (putrada) translates as a giver of sons. Therefore it is believed that observing vrat on this day combined with an involved puja to Lord Vishnu shall bless the devotee with progeny.

Paush Putrada Ekadashi Puja Vidhi
Every Ekadashi vrat combines in it puja, fasting and chanting the names of Lord Vishnu in addition to sacred and charitable deeds. On the day of Putrada Ekadashi, the devotees wake up early in the morning and take holy bath. If the vrat is aimed at getting the progeny, then the couple should do the puja and observe the vrat together. Following the general puja offered to Lord Vishnu as per the practice in the household, chanting of Vishnu Sahasranam on this day is considered highly auspicious. The couple also visits the nearby Vishnu temple on this day.

Paush Putrada Ekadashi Fasting Rules
The fast extends for 24 hours from the dawn on Ekadashi day to the dawn on Dwadashi day. During the fasting period, the devotees need to abstain from eating anything and conclude the fast only during the second quarter of Dwadashi. Only those who cannot observe strict fasting can take milk and fruits. The vrat does not permit eating onions, garlic, rice and pulses. It is highly auspicious to observe all night long vigil on Ekadashi day and spend the time in listening to the glories of the Lord. On the Dwadashi day, fast is broken after puja to Lord Vishnu and partaking of Prasad.

Paush Putrada Ekadashi Vrat Story
Once, there was a king named Suketuman, who ruled over Bhadravati with his queen Shaibya. They were issueless for a very long time after their marriage and therefore the king decided to take a break and explore the remedies to get a child. Wandering in the woods, Suketuman came to the banks of Manasarovar and spotted some sages doing penance. The sages understood the plight of the king and advised him to observe the Putrada Ekadashi vrat at his palace. When the king complied with their instructions and observed the vrat along with his wife, he was blessed with a virtuous son. The prince grew as an able administrator and ruled over the kingdom for a very long time in a virtuous manner.  

Paush Putrada Ekadashi Benefits
Putrada Ekadashi Vrat blesses the observers with a virtuous son.
Removes the sins of the past and confers moksha.
Takes care of the wellbeing of the whole family and the progeny
Blesses the devotees with wealth and prosperity
Lord Krishna says not even one thousand Ashwamedha Yajnas and a hundred of Rajasuya Yajnas will match with the benefits of Putrada Ekadashi vrat.

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