Om Puri From the cradle to the grave Number 8 followed Om Puri

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6.1.2017.. (6+1+2+0+1+7)=17= 8, dies on a date that which adds to his destiny digit 8

Om Puri, multi-talented and versatile actor, one of the best in Bollywood, with a fabulous Scorpio voice is no more. In an age which is skin deep and looks at beauty and looks to ensure the passport for your success, Om Puri with chicken pox marks on his face was a surprise, as the masses still loved him for his baritone voice, his dialogues and his super talented acting skills. 

Fate no 9, destiny no 8, ruled by Mars and Saturn, he died in his 67th year which adds to 13=4, always a difficult year for those born on octaves of 8. And 8 as his destiny number made him struggle right till the end, made him grossly misunderstood, a fate 9 gave him all the talents of all the numbers, but a combination of fate 9 and destiny no 8 are never easy, and in most cases gives an extremely unpleasant married life rift with strife, and we all know that he separated from his wife Nandita whose differences came out in open with the release of his biography Unlikely Hero: The Story of Om Puri that his wife wrote. Puri felt Nandita exposed his past relationships in the book in a disrespectful manner. Om Puri had two failed marriages. 

His palms with a full amount of Venus (a grilled one), made him indulge in many affairs and 'good things' of life, a tall Mercury finger made him an excellent actor with great dialogues deliver (Mercury gives good voice and dramatic ability too), and a slanting curved headline towards the end made him a constructive critic, with artistic talents. Deeply passionate about life and love, and brutally honest, even to the point of getting ridiculed for his controversial comments on IBN 7 with Sumit Awasthi about Indian martyr soldiers not doing a favour to the country on TV and "I don't care a damn about Salman Khan or any other Khan, " If you can, ready 15-20 Indian soldiers to wrap bombs around them and go to Pakistan, destroy them and come back", and during the Anna campaign in 2013, his unforgettable comments on politicians and parliamentarians being, "Parliament ke aadhe se jyada log unpadh hai, gawar hai" ( more than half of the parliamentarians are uneducated and buffoons).

An undisputed villain and playing roles of both honest and corrupt cops to the tee,his unforgettable histrionics and dialogues with another great villain Amrish Puri would keep you gripped, a natural flair for cop roles was due to role of number 9 ruled by Mars which governs, police and army. His unforgettable dialogues and images as drunk cop reading horoscopes of corrupt cops, with Amrish Puri and legendary Raj Kumar still persist. Goodbye Om ji, thanks for entertaining all of us, may God give you peace.

I leave you with few of his dialogues below, do watch

Om Puri as drunk cop reading horoscope of corrupt cops! Too good.

Om Puri and Amrish Puri dialogues as a cop.

Om Puri in Chand Pardesi...Punjabi movie.

Om Puri in Hera Pheri

His ultimate comedy scene.

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