Numerology Predictions 2017: Number 5

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The trick is to disguise your aggression & focus on more meaningful jobs in hand.
Your dry wit can act as a shield too; use your communication skills to your advantage. But being a good listener is equally important.Though you love to travel, there would be fewer opportunities than usual. Which is not a very bad thing; money saved is money earned.
If you are persistent enough, you will score, even if the run-rate could be slower than your expected pace.So try to remain at the crease.
Being an adaptable personality, you love to be amongst friends, flip side being you get bored of them as fast too.Focus on a particular relationship that can endure so you get back the love with equal intensity.
Health Tips - Alternate remedies like yoga & meditation can help ward off depression & anxiety. An emerald can help too.
Examples of some famous No. 5’s: Donald Trump, Virat Kohli, Aamir Khan, Rohit Shetty {both March 14}, Abhishek Bachchan {Feb 05}, Deepika Padukone (5/01) & Kajol  {Aug 5}.

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