Numerology and Abdominal Stones

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In this day and age, a lot of individuals are suffering from stones in gall bladder and kidney. Patients who develop kidney stones have to endure severe pain when there is movement of stone. The irony of the situation is that even after finest medical and surgical intervention these stones recur. There seems to be no way out, hence let us analyse this problem astrologically.

According to me, persons who are born or have destiny number 3 or 9 are more prone to suffer from stones in the abdominal organs specially kidney and gall bladder. Number 3 and 9 are ruled by fire element, and individuals with these destiny numbers enjoy spicy, oily and rich food, are fond of liquor and many are chain smokers. In short they believe in the theory of “Eat, drink and be Merry” but intake of these foods and drinks causes an imbalance and leads to development of kidney stones. 

These people have a pitta constitution according to ayurvedic science and they undergo medical problems like acidity, gastric trouble, high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol and metabolic disorders. 

On the mental plane, the main cause of formation of stones is anger. You must be wondering that we all have anger management issues but we all don't suffer from this malady, but persons born with these numbers as birth or destiny number have repressed anger stored in there sub-conscious minds. They are the most revengeful of all individuals and they literally scorch their body and souls. They may appear calm and composed on the outside but their minds are blazing like volcanoes. Consequently, they suffer from stones again and again. In particular, the occurrence of this disease and subsequent surgery appears when the dasha of mars or dasha of planets associated with mars is operating in the horoscopes of these individuals. In some cases when the impact of mars is extremely negative, it causes multiple surgeries on the abdominal area. 

Though the problem sounds gigantic, the remedy is uncomplicated. These individuals should learn to forget and forgive; this alone will unravel a lot of their life’s problems including abdominal stones. They should learn not to hold grudges in their minds for a long time as it has never done any good to anyone. 
To keep the anger off wearing of silver chain or silver ornaments might be helpful. Drinking of water from silver utensil will keep the mind calm and composed.

For the benefit of readers I am giving 4 examples.

Case1: Date of birth - 27/9/1971
Birth number-2+7=9
Destiny number-2+7+9+1+9+7+1=36 I.e 3+9=9

Case2: Date of birth - 3/1/1960
Birth number- 3
Destiny number'-3+1+1+9+6+0=20 i.e 2+0=2

Case 3: Date of birth - 2/12/1975
Birth number-2
Destiny number-2+1+2+1+9+7+5=27 i.e 2+7=9

Case 4: Date of birth - 27/11/1955
Birth number-2+7=9
Destiny number-2+7+1+1+1+9+5+5=31i.e 3+1=4

Readers may note that in case 2 and 3, there is combination of 2 and 9 or 3. The presence of number 2, the number of moon has caused multiple operations in the abdominal area. Case number 1 is very high on pitta as both birth number and destiny number is 9, this person can’t drink even a single cup of tea as it can lead to instant health problems. Case number 4 leads a disciplined life because of the presence of 4, but the combination of Rahu and mars have proved detrimental and caused major accidents in life.

God bless all.
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