Numbers speak on richest men in the world!

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Jeff Bezos the richest man in 2018 with 112 billion dollars in 2018 is in his personal year no 6, the same as his destiny number 6

Born on 12.1.1964, he is fate no 3 destiny no 6. 12+1+1964= 1977=24=6 (destiny no 6).His original name Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen adds to powerful Number 100 and his new name JEFF BEZOS adds to 46B. JEFF adds to 22=4 and BEZOS adds to 24=6.

** note that sum of full birth date is 24 and changed name second BEZOS adds to 24, a higher vibration of 6

His name adds to 46. ...the number of the explorer and 46=10, the wheel of fortune. 
Mukesh Ambani is 19th on Forbes richest list and he is born on 19th. (19.4.1957).

Interestingly both brands AMAZON and RELIANCE add to 25! MUKESH also adds to 25!  Numerology means the name most popularly used.
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