Number 6 broken in Tamil Nadu?

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This ends the dominance of 6 after decades, Annadurai, first chief minister of Tamil Nadu was born on 15 th=6, Karunanidhi born in June (6th month), MG Ramachandran died on 24th=6 and Jayalalitha, born on 24th, all these leaders dominated politics of Tamil Nadu for last 6 decades.The mysterious magic of number 6 continues to intrigue Tamil Nadu.The 6 connection started with Jayalalitaa, born on 24.2.1948 as Jayalalithaa Jayaram, fate number 6, and later went on to rule Tamil Nadu with a changed name J.Jayalalitaa which also added to her birthday number 24

Sasikala's name also adds to Kabala number 15, and now she is known as CHINAMMA, which again interestingly adds to Kabala number 24, which is the same as the birth date and name of J.Jayalalitaa which is also 24. Panneerselvan who normally uses car number 2345, went in car number 5775 which adds to 24, which is Jayalalitaa's birthday to meet Governor! He met the Governor before 6 pm.

O Panneerselvan, was sworn as Chief a minister also on the 6.12.2016, and on 6.2.2017, that he resigned as CM . He first became CM on 21.9.2001 (3+9+3)=15=6.  Incidentally, the first CM of Madras, Annadurai Annadurai was also sworn in on 6th March 1967. The Governor Vidyasagar Rao who will decide the fate of the Chief Minister is born on 4 February (4+2)=6 and he is born in 1941 which adds to a 6. More important from numerology point of view is that she is born on 29 January and if added to February 2017 (as we find out her personal month number since judgement is in February), it is 29+1+2017+2= 2+1+1+2=6!  

So Sasikala's personal month number as per numerology is also 6. Superstar Rajnikanth is reportedly thinking of entering politics, though advised by Amitabh Bachchan not to do so. Rajnikanth is in his 66th year and is born on 12.12.1950, born in a year that adds to 6 and if you add only his month and birthday, I.e. 12 +12, it adds to 24 which was birthday of Jayalalitaa!  BJP, 6.4.1980 (6-1), fate number 6 will also be controlling the situation in Tamil Nadu remotely!! Too many 6's in Tamil Nadu politics. Who says, that numbers don't speak???!!!!! See it for yourself...its number 6 also the way so far.

Jayalalithaa Jayaram 24.2.1948 (6-3)

111131314511. 1111214

23. 11 =34

J Jayalalithaa.                

1 111131314511. =24.      








O Panneerselvam 14.1.1951 (5-4)

7  + 8155552353615

7+ 54=61

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