Navratri Finance Mantra

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During Navratris, the time is very favorable to obtain maximum results of any mantra. Mantras are very powerful to increase your vibration energy and to make your prayers more focused. A focused prayer always connects you to the divine energy.

During Chaitra Navratris, a lot of people undergoing financial difficulty may choose to chant the following mantra-

आपदामपहर्तारं दातारं सर्वसंपदाम्

लोकाभिरामं श्रीरामं भूयो भूयो नमाम्यहम्॥३५॥

This mantra is to be chanted in the Brahma-muhurta between 4 AM to 6 AM after a bath. Sit on a red aasan, preferably made of wool. You may use kamal gate ki mala, a rosary made of lotus seeds (108 seeds in one rosary) and start chanting it. If you can do it continuously for all 9 days between 4 AM and 6 AM, all your financial tribulations will end. You may do as many chants as you can. However, I suggest continuing the same number of chants each day. Please do not jump the meru while chanting. The meru is the bead from where the mala starts.

After the completion of the chanting, you may resume doing good deeds.

May all your financial tribulations end.

Shubh Navratri

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