Riddle of Narendra Modi's enigma is in his signature

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PUBLISHED DATE - 10-3-2017

Anupam V Kapil decodes the signature of Narendra Modi, this is the first ever discovery by anyone about his signature, the great secret lies in his signature itself.

Numbers 8, 4 and 5  stand out clearly in Narendra Modi's signature. It just struck me that the most momentous decision of demonetisation was taken by him on 8th November at 8 pm, he also famously pleaded with Indians the people of India to give him  50 days time (adds to 5), to prove himself or be tried in any public square if he failed.  Both these numbers are present in his name, 8 is his fate number, 5 is his destiny number (17+9+1950=1976=23) =5! and  numbers 8,4,5 in his signature add to 17 which is his birthday. Modi, is the one history chose with the stamp of destiny coded in the numerological signature of his name containing his birth date, to lead the country in a very unique way than any other leader. 

Irrespective of sections in society who intensely like or dislike him, he is there to stay and play a crucial role in India's future. Few names flashed my mind instantly, of those who had stamped the memories and impacted the lives of countrymen during their lifetime and for centuries to come. Akbar, the great Mughal King won the hearts of people with his tolerance and fair governance. Tulsidas, who wrote the Tulsi Ramayan and Hanuman Chalisa not only impacted and inspired all during his lifetime and beyond, people still chant the Hanuman chalisa when in distress. 

Tulsidas later lived in Varanasi which is constituency of Narendra Modi

Shivaji, the great Maratha, whose presence in the Deccan prevented Mughals from conquering South India, it was due to Shivaji that the temples and rich heritage of South Indian architecture survived and India was saved getting converted to an Islamic country. Aurangzeb, the tyrant Mughal, whose firmans were directed against the Hindu subjects, the choice was of conversion to Islam or death, temples were destroyed throughout the country, Jizya tax was imposed on Hindu subjects, people had him always on their mind for his excesses.

Narendra Modi believes in Swarajya which was coined by Shivaji Maharaj

Raja Ram Mohan Roy, India's first modern reformer, who was instrumental in getting Britishers to get legislations enacted to ban evil practises of Sati, child marriage, and child infanticide which impacted people for all times to come. 

Swami Vivekanand popularised the concept of Hinduism and Vedic tradition in his famous talks at Chicago in the Parliament of World Religions. Maharishi Karve, who pioneered women education in India, also impacted the state of women in India for times to come. 

Vivekanand,  a yogi, was called Naren in early life, Modi follows him and 
does yoga daily and is inspired by him besides having name Naren in his name.

Babasaheb Ambedkar, also had a huge impact on society then and for all times to come as he got clauses of reservation and protection for the scheduled and downtrodden castes introduced in the Indian Constitution. 

Mahatma Gandhi too impacted society like no other national leader, ultimately being largely instrumental in getting freedom for India. 

Swachata Abhiyan of Modi is directly inspired by Gandhi

Subhash Chandra Bose, who was the only Indian leader who spoke of Akhand Bharat, a term also used by Narendra Modi.

Only leader who used slogan Akhand Bharat. Narendra Modi also uses it.

It seems more than a coincidence that Vivekanand, a yogi, who got world fame in America, and was called Naren in his childhood and Narendra Modi not only follows Vivekanand, but also got world attention after his America tour.

But what again seems like more than coincidence is Modi using application named BHIM after Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, using the Swach Bharat campaign from Gandhi's idea of cleanliness, invoking and following Vivekanand frequently, contesting from Banaras, the place where Tulsidas wrote his Ramayan, laying the foundation of a grand Shivaji statue memorial in the Arabian Sea. 

BHIM application of Modi inspired by Ambedkar

Modi frequently uses a slogan, "Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao", which echoes the thoughts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Maharishi Karve on women. Clearly, Modi seems to be the man of destiny.

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