Meena Sankranti and its significance

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On this day, many charitable activities are conducted as it is considered very auspicious.

Meena Sankranti and its significance

Traditionally, Meena Sankranti holds a unique significance. This is because as it falls in March, it is regarded as the 12th and final month of the year as per the Hindu calendar. Also, it represents ‘rebirth’ as Pisces is the last zodiac sign and the sun transits into Aries, the first zodiac sign. This transition of the sun is very auspicious too. Land donations take place on this day on a large scale as well as the donation of essentials to the poor. It is said that donating land and valuable goods to the needy will earn puniyas in the form of wealth and prosperity for the donators. Also, any wish made on this day will definitely be fulfilled.

In preparation for this day, temples are bedecked with flowers and other decorations as devotees celebrate this day with great fervor. 

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