Medical Tarot - What is making you sick?

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Not relaxing is fine as long as it is not impacting one’s health. However, if you are falling sick again and again it is an alarm bell to make you aware that you need to understand your life in detail rather than just blindly following what everyone else is doing. There is an inner longing for change and following your dreams.

For instance - you need an ice cream but your partner does not want it. Go eat it anyways – it is the call of the body that it is lacking certain sweets in life and the body need something sweet. Food plays an important role in our growth. Most of the people that come across with a severe disease like migraine or stomach aches lack certain things in life, which has brought imbalance in mind and body. A Medical tarot reflects where the root cause of your problem is. Why does the physical ailment constantly persisting that doing the daily job becomes hard and one begins to feel stressed and fatigued.

It is important to know that there are certain tough roads, phases in life which one needs to go through. Interestingly there are certain areas which you can control and get yourself healed completely. To quote a case here – a patient came with diabetes and no medicine seems to work for him. He was a middle age person in his late 30s, but his health was like 60 years old man. During the session, the Tarot revealed the aspects which have tremendously affected his life. It took him 6 months time to get rid of his insulin and 16 months to completely cure his diabetes.

The Medical Tarot combinations gave him the way to resolve his matter and understand more important things in life. Tarot Cards are like our spiritual guides who show us a way to get rid of obstacles and become a stronger person. This is a new age medicine which helps one to understand what is wrong and where exactly it is wrong and the most logical ways to resolve the problem.

If you're experiencing difficulty with your hands or fingers, you might also want to check the things you have difficulty handling a relationship or keeping in touch with friends.

Is there an ailment since your childhood and no gives a cure than a dozen of medicines to be taken every day? Or are you falling sick again and again? It is time for you to learn more about yourself and where the problem exists and empower yourself to come out of it.

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