Mauni Amavas: The Day To Explore The Inner Realms of Your Self

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Mauni Amavas refers to the Amavas occurring in the month of Magh (January – February). Mauni Amavas is an exclusively special day dedicated to cleanse one’s thoughts and propensities and establish a superior connection with the divine or inner self. The term ‘Mauni’ denotes two things namely silence and saint. Mauni Amavas is therefore the day to enter into silence and engage in a special spiritual sadhana.

The Day When Lord Brahma Took A Break To Reflect
It is said that during the process of creation, Lord Brahma needed a day off from his creative tasks and it was on a Mauni Amavas day that he took a break. It is said Lord Brahma entered into contemplation and reviewed the creation that he made till the point. During the process, two effulgent beings emerged from him who were none else than Manu and Shatrupa, who were the first man and women later giving rise to the lineages of human beings. Therefore, Mauni Amavas was the day when Lord Brahma himself meditated in silence for a day.

Holy Dip on Maun Amavas
The popular belief in Hinduism says on the day of Mauni Amavas, the waters of the sacred rivers like Ganga turns into nectar with life redeeming and resurrecting properties. Therefore a holy dip in these rivers on the day of Mauni Amavas is believed to remove the sins of the devotees and give them infinite blessings and prosperity. Especially on this day, the devotees take bath in the Triveni Sangamam or the confluence of the three rivers namely Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.
Austerities on Maun Amavas
On the day of Maun Amavas, the devotees can engage in a lot of charity deeds like donating cow, food, clothes, money and gold to people. The charities done on this day are believed to yield abundant benefits. Homas performed on this day are said to be highly beneficial benefits several hundred times more.

Maun vrat on Mauni Amavas
Scriptures say it is a highly meritorious act to observe a day-long silence on the day of Mauni Amavas. While each of the five sense organs do a single job, the tongue does two jobs namely eating and talking. Therefore it is very important to control the tongue at least once a year with a strict vow of silence. Maun vrat observed on Mauni Amavas is said to have a cleansing effect on the individual refining his thoughts and perfecting his value system. After a holy dip in their chosen pilgrim spot, the devotee chooses a secluded place to sit in silence for the whole day, concluding the Maun vrat after sunset.

Sharadha on Mauni Amavas
Though every Amavas is a good time to propitiate the ancestors, Mauni Amavas is a highly auspicious day to please them. On the day of Mauni Amavas, people offer Pinda daan, Tila daan and perform the rituals of Shradha and make offerings to please their departed ancestors. It is believed that on this day, the shradha ceremonies yield much higher benefits and win the blessings of the ancestors for the prosperity of the family, removal of pitru dosh and peace and progress in life.

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