Mars Saturn Conjunction in 2018

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Mars aligns with Saturn roughly once in two years. However, occasionally, due to retrograde motion of one or both the planets, timing differs of such conjunction. This year Saturn is already posited in Sagittarius and Mars reaches to conjunct with Saturn on 7th March 2018 at 18:53 and will remain in Sagittarius till 16:48 on 2nd May 2018. Mars is regarded as a triggering factor for all happenings in our life; it is a time for huge change. Three signs, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are under the influence of sade-sati.  Additionally, Rahu aspects Capricorn. Moreover, Saturn’s aspect falls on Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo, out of which, Aquarius is also aspected by Jupiter and Gemini is aspected by Jupiter and Mars, apart from Saturn. Mars aspects Pisces, Gemini and Cancer, where Rahu is already posited.  It is evident that almost two-third of signs are influenced by this transit conjunction and aspect. 

This conjunction becomes more adventurous with the energy of Sagittarius. It all depends on how we act or react to these energies. These two planets are regarded as most effective malefic planets; their combined force becomes unhelpful, negative and harsh. This period of almost two months might be problematic and troublesome. Due to negative thought process, one might hatch conspiracies and falsely implicate others in any crime. Deceitfulness and cheating might also be committed under this influence. Owing to involvement in immoral activities, one might seldom find comfort and bliss in family life. This conjunction also makes the person serious, ambitious, focused with a balanced mind and perspective, and wiser than their age.  Combination of Mars and Saturn is capable of creating health complications. Under the influence of this combination, one might dramatize one’s activities and spread propaganda with solid conviction. The socio-cultural image can also be tarnished due to lack of spirit of belongingness and group-integration. 

On positive front, it produces capacity for hard work, endurance and resourcefulness. If anger is controlled somehow, energy can be used constructively. Actually, this energy is a dynamic combination of hot and cold. Mars gives you ample energy to execute any task, while Saturn is a sensible control (but not obstacle). This is how you should go ahead on an individual level. There is plenty of scope of hard work and productive results, provided you pass on small frustrations in-between. You are being confronted to develop a firm and planned approach to your physical activities and learn to pace yourself according to the demands of the situation. This will often indicate a time when you have a heavy workload and more responsibilities, forcing you to prioritize your schedule.

Mars, being a fiery planet, the primary element Fire related to the direction southeast comes into importance. Saturn relates to the primary element Air and brings into importance the direction northwest. Both these are powerful energies that can cause enough distress to the inimical birth signs. Both the planets are bigger malefic capable of causing sorrow and pain. Constant delays and obstacles may also create stress and be extremely frustrating for you. If you invite any conflict or legal battle, you might repent later. Mars is a bunch of energy representing, like the younger generation, aggressiveness, anger, differences, and argument. Saturn, on the other hand, like the elder generation, is identified with suffering, difficulties, hindrances and harms. If you want to know how the Saturn-Mars conjunction would affect you, read under-mentioned results as per your sign:

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Aries

Saturn and Mars conjunction is placed in your ninth house and Jupiter aspects your sign. Your good acts and constructive works will not be appreciated even when you put your 100% into it. You might face financial crisis. However, benevolent Jupiter will help you manage finances, but you must not go about being careless with your money. Additionally, ensure carrying out financial responsibilities with due care.  Due to hard labor and hectic schedules, you might suffer from diseases.  You must drive vehicle carefully. Chances of minor accident or injury are there. The speed of work will be slow. You may not enjoy your work, or there may be some constraints in delivering the services or goods. If you think in structured and strategic way, your problems will be reduced.  Don’t jump into a new project without proper planning. There might be imprisonment and detention. The crux is to use opportunities with rationality. Contact with some noble and influential persons might prove beneficial

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Taurus

Saturn, Mars conjunction is placed in your eighth house.  There will be great confusion regarding the conduct of your colleagues or superiors. Have patience even if your progress is slow.  This mostly denotes physical danger to you. This period demands a strict watchfulness on any and all the developments related to your life, health and physique.  Addiction of any intoxicant must be reduced to stay healthy. Be tactful in handling tensions or delays. You have to face challenges on marital discords. Career and achievements may also face hindrances. There might be sudden setback without prior intimation. Even small things will take a lot of time and there will be unwanted stress on your mind and body. Deal your money matter with extra precaution, expenses are likely to increase. Control your debts and expenditures to bring a balance in your life for these two months. The grown up children might be aggressive towards you. You need to tackle it with reasoning. 

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Gemini

Saturn and Mars are transiting from your seventh house. These two months will be highly challenging for your marital life and business partnership. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars aspect your sign. Due to expansive planet Jupiter, there might be some relief. In all your difficulties, you might feel stress-free by relying on divine forces. You may suffer from excess mental worry due to a health problem to yourself, your spouse and your near and dear ones. You might develop enmity with some influential persons. You will be able to understand the true color of life and your friends and relatives will be tested. Your desire to improve your lifestyle may be partially fulfilled. There is a need to understand and show care in relations. There might be some sudden disputes with business partner. So be careful and patient. The spiritual journey is quite possible to lighten mental agony. You might face demotion or might be removed from some important responsibilities to degrade you. 

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Cancer

Saturn-Mars are transiting from your sixth house and Mars also aspects your sign. This is going to be a good period. You will be fully supported by your family members, relatives etc. If in job, you may expect that much-awaited promotion and reward at your workplace. Most of you would see success in all your undertakings. Your status is bound to improve. The enhancement in your overall financial condition would make you feel protected, comfortable and happy. You would also be able to live in with peace of mind and a sense of fearlessness would prevail in you. If fighting any legal battle, the judgment will be in your favour. Enemies will try to compromise with you. You would be able to receive money lying pending with your debtor. If purchasing of vehicle is due, you would be able to buy one. You are also likely to earn more respect and honour in the society. Some of you would also perform charitable deeds at this time. Health would be fine during this time. You would get rid of all your previous sickness.

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Leo

Transit of Saturn and Mars is passing through your fifth house. You might face challenges on the front of your children on account of their illness and/or educational failure. Your children may not perform well in examination. You might face discrimination at your workplace and you would not be able to get your due. There will always be a kind of confusion in your mind and thus, decision taking capacity will reduce. Any extra-marital relation will only siphon your money and prestige. Avoid any mean-mindedness and conflict and quarrel. If you try any shortcuts for success, you will invite big trouble. Quitting job will be a major mistake, instead pass this phase with peacefully. You will have to bear losses in speculation and gambling, so stay away from share market, fixing in any form. Handle your enemies with care and be cautious enough to avoid creating some new enmity. Your enemies are likely to give you some more harassment during this particular time.

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Virgo

Saturn and Mars are transiting from your fourth house. Saturn aspects your sign. This brings in some hard times in a few of your life’s segments. Most of you are likely to face a difficult time when it comes to managing your old enemies.  There might be disharmony and harassment from authority. Though Saturn is your fifth and sixth lord and Mars is your third and eighth house lord. There is a chance of succeeding in any competitive test. There might be loss or change of job. You may be transferred to other place. If you are in a business, you may also have to leave your comfort of home and leave for other place. You might have to face deep conflict with your wife and you may be separated, though not legally apart. Your friends or family members may become your enemy. If you develop friendship with wicked people, you will repent later. Remove cruelty from your behavior.
Mars Saturn Conjunction for Libra

Saturn-Mars conjunction is formed in your third house. This conjunction is very favorable for you. All your plans and project will be successful. Even if was pending for long time. Your status will be improved. If employed, you might get promotion with satisfactory increment in salary and perks. During this period, you are likely to make money in your business and profession. You are also likely to acquire valuable ornaments during this phase. Work should be on a smooth sail and you are likely to succeed in matters of importance. You will develop another source of earning. Your skill and communication strength will increase and hence, your might go for new training or opt some professional courses. You will take lot of initiative regarding your love and romance, earning money and maintaining peace and harmony in the family. You will success in your enterprise. If you are planning for child, this is the ideal time. You may also gain from Share market.

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Scorpio

Saturn and Mars are transiting from your second house. Though, your sade-sati has its last phase, you have to remain alert to face this transit. You will face excessive expenditure. Take good care of your finances and focus on the safety of your valuables as you may suffer some losses due to theft during this period. You might have to face some unpleasant situation in your workplace. Gossiping and blame game will create further trouble for you. There will be loss of respect and you will have to face humiliation from your borrowers. You may face some problem within your family and relatives. Relationship with wife may also deteriorate. There is a need to work on speech and reduction in the usage of harsh words. You may develop the negative emotion of jealousy towards others during this time. Beware of any wrath of the government or the state authority. Education or other achievements of your children will reduce. 

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Sagittarius

Saturn and Mars are passing through your birth sign and this reflects that sade-sati is at its peak. This is going to be a very difficult transit for you. Your Career is going to suffer the most. You may start feeling hurdles and obstacles in your workplace. Problems and misunderstanding may arise with wife as well as with business partner. Your workload and responsibility will increase and you will face problem in handling all these. If you tackle this with maturity and take help and guidance of seniors, you will overcome impasse. You may find it difficult to finish your projects successfully on time. It is better not to start anything new during this particular period. If employed, try to avoid any kind of arguments and misunderstanding with your seniors, employers and government departments. Some of you may also see a change of your position during this time. Your finances would also require proper attention, as you are likely to lose on undesired expenses

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Capricorn

Transit of Saturn and mars is passing through your twelfth house. Your sade-sati has begun. There will be loss in business, aimless travels from place to place and long distance travel will also bear no fruit. You may face serious financial loss during this period. Relationship with relatives and family members may also suffer seriously. You may become frustrated. Things will be delayed. Pay attention to any health related issues, as you are likely to develop discomforts or diseases particularly related to eyes, stomach, body pain and general sufferings. Take care of your feet as well. This is the time when you must stay away from activities that might be risky to your life. Your work life could also be exhausting and you may also have to put in loads of hard work to see the face of success in your projects. If measures are not taken, some of you may even risk your position at work and be humiliated and dishonored.

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Aquarius

Saturn and Mars are placed in your eleventh house. Saturn and Jupiter aspects your sign. You will get easy success in all your endeavors. You should make the most of this transit as this is going to give you all kind of gains and benefits you have been longing for. Your career will rise, you will get more profits in business and you will have good relations with people around you. This period bestows you with real estate property, and profit in your field of business or profession. Some of you are also likely to gain from your siblings during this time. This could also prove to be a good time for those who are employed. Some of you may expect a rise in your income or position at this time. Moreover, all your efforts are likely to succeed bringing you more gains. This could be regarded as a time when you would see improvement in not only your professional life but also in your personal day-to-day life.

Mars Saturn Conjunction for Pisces

Saturn and Mars transit falls in your tenth house. An aspect of Mars is falling on your sign. You will have to face a mixed result. This signifies a tangled path to success. You are likely to face a lot of trouble ranging from the misconduct of your superiors, failure in efforts, sorrow, disappointments, exhaustion and so on. However, you are also likely to meet with success in your field of work at the end. Some of you would be able to perform better than ever at work. If you are in business some of you may see good financial gain in your business. Some of you may also feel relieved of your worries and would win over your enemies. However, never underestimate your enemies and stay away from weapons. Chances of your involvement in some scandal and false accusation are possible. You will make new connections and rewarding contacts. Any roadblock in monetary matters will eliminate. Your sensibility and gratitude will be rewarding. 

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