Interesting facts of Lord Anjaneya

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Lord Anjaneya is the Lord Hanumaan. Some of the interesting facts about Lord Anjaneya are -

1. The deity once applied sindoor all over his body for Lord Rama’s well being

Lord Hanuman was greatly devoted to Lord Rama. A incident was when Sita put sindoor on her forehead, Hanuman asked her why.  She replied for the long life of Lord Rama, so Hanumaan also applied sindoor to prove his love for the Lord Rama. 

2. The name, 'Hanuman' actually disfigured. 

In Sanskrit, 'Hanu' means 'Jaw' and 'Man' means 'Disfigured'. It is known that the Hanumaan jaw was disfigured. It was due to the Lord Indra who used his Vajra against Anjaneya. It was in the sky that Indra used his vajra which threw Hanumaan straight on the earth.. 

3. Although he was a brahmchari , He had a son ‘Makardhawaja’. 

Hanuman’s Son Makardhwaja was born from the might fish of the same name when Hanuman after burning the entire Lanka with his tail dipped his tail in the sea to cool it. It is said that his sweat was swallowed by a fish and thus Makardhawaja was conceived.

4. Once, Lord Ram issued a announced death sentence to Hanuman (Lord Anjaneya). 

After Lord Ram became the King, once when the court was going on, Narada- known for creating disharmony between Rama and Hanuman, asked Hanumaan to greet all sages except Vishwamitra. Hanuman did so, but it didn’t affected Vishwamitra. Narada instigated Vishawmitra by wrong words and Vishwamitra being a Guru of Rama couldn’t ignore his command and punished Hanuman to death by arrows. Next day on the day of execution, all arrows failed to do nay harm to Hanuman as he was enchanting Ram and Rama.  

5. Hanuman also created his version of Ramayan -  A superior version compared to that of Valmiki’s. 

 After the war at Lanka, Hanuman went to Himalaya for his reverence of Lord Ram, he etched his version of Ram’s tale on the walls of the Himalayas by his nails. When Maharshi Valmiki visited Hanuman to show his version of Ramayana, he was amazed to see the walls and felt sad as Valmiki believed that Hanuman’s Ramayana was superior and that his love created version of the Ramayan that remain unnoticed. 

6. Lord Hanuman (Lord Anjaneya) and Lord Bhima were both brothers. 

Bhima was also the son of Vayu (the Lord of the Winds). One day Bhima was searching for a flower his wife wanted, there he saw a monkey sleeping with his tail crossing the path. He asked him to move his tail. But the monkey was unable to hear and asked Bhima to move. Bhima was arrogant due to his strength. But he couldn’t life or move tail. Therefore, he realized that he is not an ordinary monkey and it was none other than Hanuman. He lied there just to remove the pride and the arrogance of Bhima. Bhima realized that he is his none other than brother and he showed his love for the Hanuman.

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