Leo Forecast 2018

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The year 2018 is a mixture of good and the bad. Early in the year, during the first quarter, you may face some untold hassles and obstacles. A possible failure in undertaking very important ventures and goals is quite possible. 2018 horoscope may not really work to your advantage and benefit. Repeated failures and disappointments in the early part of the year may lower your confidence level. Overconfident Leo people may lead to moments of miseries. A state of mental uncertainty and physical denial may make you nervous and anxious. But, your legendary willpower and dedication will prevent you from facing further complications. If you are working in glamour and entertainment industry, this year may bring special favours for you. Female actresses may perform better in their assigned roles.

Aspiring producers may get a break in the entertainment industry, while established ones may make some money. The first half of the year may prove very profitable and satisfactory for people in film, music and glamour industry. Career people may find things favourably working for them in the second half of the year. You may find things very easy and hassle-free in the last quarter of the year. Some of you may face complicated period during the middle part of the year, from May to June; people working in private offices may face severe pressure to perform and show results. Personal income and wealth gains may be possible in the last few months of the year.

Leo Forecast 2018 - HEALTH

You need to take care of health during the beginning of 2018  as some minor ailments like cold, fever  etc may trouble you.In the second part of 2018, you shall enjoy good health

Leo Forecast 2018 - MARRIED LIFE

One positive aspect of 2018  is in the marriage life. You are likely to enjoy your love and married life largely throughout the year. Family life is one sweet event for them; relationship with children will be very good, while people who are trying to marry their lovers will find the year to be the best one of their life. You are devoted to family members. Children and spouse will be the best sources of inspiration and encouragement. However, the third quarter of the year may see a minor scuffle between opposite members due to some trifle reasons. Mending the fences seems to be the best solution before the situation becomes very serious. You may need to control your anger and bitterness so that no damage occurs to the solid relationship. Never ever, try to dominate your family members. Domestic life during the year is a delicate mixture of good and the bad.

Leo Forecast 2018 - LUCKY MONTHS

January, March and October

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