Lal Kitab remedies for Surya (Sun) in the Sixth House

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When reviewed from a medical standpoint, it represents diseases that attack the respiratory system such as nasal infections, tuberculosis, diseases related to the eyes, intestinal malfunctions, and problems associated with the umbilical region. 

Significance of this planetary position:

  1. The natives with this planetary position are typically quite lucky but they need to be careful since they are prone to lose their temper easily.
  2. They generally win handsome rewards by associating with the government. If there is no planet in the 2nd house, these people can get a government job around the 22nd year of their life.
  3. Family life remains harmonious and they are blessed with a beautiful spouse.
  4. With the Sun in the sixth house and Ketu in the first or seventh house, these natives generally are blessed with a son and after they reach, the age of 48, great fortunes get bestowed on them.
  5. If Mars, Moon, and Jupiter are placed in the 2nd house along with the Sun in the 6th house, then following traditional responsibilities becomes very important.

Some malefic:

  • Along with the Sun in the 6th house if Mercury is placed in the 12th house, the native could suffer from high blood pressure.
  • If Mars is placed in the 10th house, the native’s son may suffer from numerous obstacles of life, which can take a toll on his health and overall well-being in the future.
  • Grandparents of these natives do not enjoy good health.

Lal Kitab remedies:

  1. After dinner is completed, blow off the fire of the kitchen stove by sprinkling some milk.
  2. When visiting places of worship, feed bread to the dogs.
  3. All Hindu customs, rituals, and traditions should be religiously followed with complete faith and devotion.
  4. Always keep the holy Ganga jal in the house.

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