Lal Kitab Remedies for Pitru Rin

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What is Pitru Rin?

Pitru Rin is Parental debt. Our parents give us birth and are our guardians – raising us with love, imparting knowledge, value and fulfilling our desires. They love us and are devoted to us. A mother’s love is second to none.  She addresses her children as Raja – prince or Rani – princess. She devotes her entire life to her children. The father guides and provides for the children. To repay this parental debt, it is important for children to look after their parents in time of need and old age.  

But how can you know whether you suffer from Pitru Rin or not? For this, the solution is to get your horoscope analysed. The positions of the planets in your horoscope can determine the influence of Pitru Rin in your life. Lal Kitab astrology also offers many solutions for Pitru Rin.

Pitru Rin is different than Pitru Dosh. If the former exists in your horoscope, it is importance to seek solutions and remedy this debt else it will continue for a lifetime. Pitru Rin should not be ignored or taken easily as it affects many aspects of our life and causes unexpected problems in education, health, delays in marriage, progeny, depression, career, finance and mental peace. 

Pitru Rin must be resolved during the day time and not after the sun has set.

Because Pitru Rin can be determined based on the planetary position in the horoscope, here are the debts, i.e. Rin and the related planets based on Lal Kitab astrology:

Jupiter and Pitru Rin remedy:

-          Collect equal amount from all siblings related by blood and donate the collected amount to a temple or a religious Sanstha on the very same day.

-          If there is a temple located within the ancestral property or very close to it, then the native should look after the wear & tear of the temple.

-          If there is a Peepal tree close to the home, it should be looked after as well.

Sun – Swa Rin

-          Perform a Yagya post collection of equal amounts of money from siblings

Moon – Matru Rin

-          To remedy this rin, the native should take an equal amount of silver (coin or biscuit) from each family member and throw it in flowing water.

Venus – Stree Rin

-          Feed 100 cows on the same day with the equal amount of money collected from all family members

Mars – Guru/Sage Rin

-          Donate equal amount of money from family members to a hospital or to a doctor who does charity

Mercury – kanya or sister Rin

-          Burn yellow-colored Cowrie and then flow the ashes in flowing water on the same day

Saturn – Nirdayata Rin

-          To overcome this rin, feed 100 underprivileged people or 100 fishes at the same pond.

Rahu – Ajanme Ka Rin

-          Collect a coconut each from family members and flow it into the water on the same day.

Ketu – Kudrati or natural Rin

-          Feed 100 dogs by collecting the equal amount of money from all family members.

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