Journalism - The Risky but an Exciting Career Option (Original Research)

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In the recent years, there has been an immense surge in the Digital and Television News Industry, however, at the same time, the readership of Print Media (Newspapers) and Magazines have gone down well below expectations. In the United States, the country where new innovations take birth every day, various leading Newspapers including The New York Times have reported a great decline in revenue generation in the past years. However, at the same time, the digitally published Newspapers, Magazines and News Websites are witnessing the significant increase in their readership. And this age of Digital Media is one of the prime reasons to bring revolution in the Journalism Industry. 

With the evident rise in smartphone and internet technology, it has become very easy to reach the global audience even for local news websites. For instance, a person born in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, but settled in New York now have an easy access to local news of Uttar Pradesh with just a single tap on a mobile application. This digital revolution has also brought global recognition to various Journalists doing an inspiring work in the field of Journalism. And the charm of reaching to the global audience, and travel foreign destinations for the coverage of news, sports, entertainment, and spending most of the time between celebrities and political circuit make Journalism, a risky but an exciting career option.

Most of you might be thinking where is the risk involved in Journalism? But let me tell you when you read or watch exclusive reporting on political conspiracies, scandals, terrorism, criminal incidents involving any high profile person, such kind of investigative journalism brings threat to the life of the Journalists. And today, I am sharing with you an original astrological research study on Journalism. I’ll take you through 3 different case studies of top-notch journalists, who have earned great recognition in their career. This article will help you understand the combination of planets & house lords that makes a person opt for a career in Journalism, and succeed.  

The Key Planets for Journalism are; 
Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. 

The Astrological Parameters 

Astrological Parameters to look for in a horoscope for the promise of becoming a Journalist. 

1. The 10L, or the planet placed in the 10H (if any) should be connected with the 3H, or 3L. 

2. If there is no direct connection between 10H, or 10L with the 3H, or 3L, then check for nakshatra lord of the 10L, or the planet placed in 10H, it should have the connection with the 3H/3L by PAC. 

3. Jupiter’s influence on 10H/10L or the Nakshatra lord of the 10L or planet placed in 10H will bring stability and great recognition in the field of journalism. 

4. 8H/8L should have a connection with the 10H/10L and/or 3H/3L by PACE.

Case Study 1 

DOB: 04 April 1963, TOB: 08:26:00, Longitude: 07°E06’00, Latitude: 50°N44’00  

In this birth chart, the 10L is Saturn, which is placed in the 9H in its own sign. It is being aspected by the 3L Moon in 1/7 Axis. And in the 10H, Venus is placed, which rules over the Lagna and the 6H of the horoscope. Here Venus is in Satabisha Nakshatra, which is ruled by Rahu. And as you can see, Rahu is again placed in the 3H, where it is also conjunct with the 3L Moon. In this combination of planets, Mars, which is one of the key planets is also in direct association, as it is conjunct with the 3L Moon in the 3H itself, and aspecting the 10H of profession. The 8L Jupiter is placed in the 11H aspecting the 3H and 3L Moon. Fulfilling all the parameters that we have discussed above. 

Now in the Dashamsha chart, 10L Mars is placed in the Lagna, where it is conjunct with the 3L Mercury. At the same time, these two planets are being aspected by the Jupiter, and the 8L Saturn. 

Vimshottari Dasha 

This person was born with dasha balance of Mer-Mer-Sat. He started his career under Venus mahadasha, as an intern in a weekly newspaper, and worked there till 1986 as a political editor. Here you can see, Venus is placed in the 10H (House of profession), which also kickstart his career in its own dasha. 

Case Study 2 

DOB: 21 October 1940, TOB: 02:26:00, Longitude: 74°W00’23, Latitude: 40°N42’51 

In this birth chart, the 10L is Venus, which also rules over the 3H. Venus is placed in the Ascendant, where it is also in the sign exchange with the Lagna Lord Sun, which is placed in the 3H. In the 10H Moon is placed, which rules over the 12H. This shows that the person might get involved in a career related to foreign. This moon is well placed in its sign of exaltation, and also not under any kind of affliction from any malefic planet. 

Furthermore, the 3rd and 10L Venus is being aspected by Jupiter, which also happens to be the Lord of the 8H. As you can see, Jupiter is also aspecting the 3H, where the Lagna Lord Sun and Mercury are placed. So these combinations of planets in this chart also fulfills our parameters listed above.

In the Dashamsha chart, the 10L Mars is placed in the 9H with the LL and 12L Saturn, 2L and 11L Jupiter, 6L Moon, and Rahu. Here Mars also rules over the 3H, and aspecting the 3H. Though here Mercury doesn’t form any connection directly with the 10H/L and 3H/L, but Saturn, the planet conjunct with 10th and 3L Mars is aspecting Mercury, where it also infuses the tendencies of Mars that it signifies in this chart.

Vimshottari Dasha 

This person was born under the dasha balance of Mars, which is placed in the 2H with Rahu. She started writing in her teenage years, which were passed under the dasha of Rahu. And here you can see, Rahu is placed in the Virgo Sign, and conjunct with Mars. So it is bound to give results of its sign lord that is Mercury, which is placed in the 3H. In 1962, Jupiter’s mahadasha started, when she also covered the Vietnam War, and wrote extensively about it, and had also been awarded for the same. And you can see in both the charts, Jupiter is well connected with the 3rd and 10H.  

Case Study 3 

DOB: 23 May 1973, TOB: 17:29:00, Longitude: 71°W03’37, Latitude: 42°N21’30 

In this birth chart, the 10L is Moon, which is conjunct with the 3L Jupiter in the 4H, wherefrom they both are also aspecting the 10H. The Lagna Lord and 8L Venus is placed in the 8H, which is its own house. Here, Venus is conjunct with Saturn, Mercury, and Sun, and this planetary conjunction is being aspected by the 3rd and 6L Jupiter along with 2nd and 7L Mars. And from the 8H Saturn is also aspecting the 10H. Hence, again fulfilling the parameters stated above.

In the dashamsha chart, the 10L Venus is conjunct with Mars in the 7H. Here, Venus is being aspected by the Lagna Lord Saturn, and 3L Jupiter. In the 3H, the 8L Sun is conjunct with Sun. As you can, here also the given parameters are being fulfilled.

Vimshottari Dasha 

This person started his career in journalism at the age of 22 years, when he was running under Rahu-Venus period. In the birth, you can see, the Dashanath Rahu is placed in 3H in Sagittarius sign, representing Jupiter, which is conjunct with 10L, and also aspecting the 10H of profession. And in the dashamsha chart Rahu is placed in the 4H, wherefrom it is aspecting the 10H. Whereas, Venus is the Lagna Lord in the birth chart, and connected with Jupiter and Saturn, which are connected with the 10H. And in the dashamsha chart, Venus owns the 10H of profession, and is also aspected by Jupiter from the 3H, and by Saturn, which is LL, and placed in the 10H. 

The Conclusion 

As you can see, I’ve regularly talked about the 3rd House, 10th House, and 8th House of the horoscope. That’s because the 3rd House is a house of communication and writing. The 10th House is a house of profession. And the 8th House is a house of Investigation and in-depth research. In Journalism, a journalist has to go in-depth of a case story many a time to ensure that all facts support his/her story that is to be published in a newspaper, or broadcast on a news channel, that will be read or seen by hundred thousand of its readers/viewers. In case, if you also want to be a journalist, you can check if all these combinations are present in your birth chart or not. 

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