Astrologer’s viewpoint on Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, Rajnath Singh, Akhilesh Yadav

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Currently, Mars is in the second house, which is the house of Finances and Economy. For any country’s horoscope, its second house is very important. Everything from the Purchasing power of a country and her capability to invest in the entire economic system including stock markets and the GDP, Taxes and Revenue of the country are related to this second house. In the Taurus-ascendant horoscope of Independent India, Mars rules the seventh and the twelfth house. The seventh house is responsible for business and people of the country. Simultaneously, Mars also dominates the twelfth house which signifies confidential plots, Espionage, secret agreements, scandals and Smuggling etc. This means, the period till 8th February 2017 will signify financial and economic instability because Mars is the ruling planet for land and property; and it is without a doubt that till 8th of February, Government of India would have intervened in the Anonymous property scam. 

It is also not improbable for an economic crisis in India during this time. Many people from the Government and outside the government can also be arrested for financial fraud. From February 2017 for the rest of the year, India will be in the Mangal-Rahu Vinshottari dasha. Some sudden mishaps and instability can also be seen as Mars is the dispositor of the very secretive Ketu. With Ketu any surprises are possible. However, if we can overlook these exceptions, then we can confidently say that 2017 will be an influential year for India.

Now, let’s look at how the year 2017 will be for some important and famous people.

Astrologers View Point on Narendra Modi –From October 2016 to March 2018, Narendra Modi is in the effect of (dasha phase) of moon, the ninth lord of luck and in the sub-phase of exalted and retrograde Mercury. Which means that the whole of 2017, Narendra Modi will be under the effect of the retrograde combust but exalted mercury.. Because of Ketu being with eighth lord Mercury in whole of 2017, it may show some conspiracies against him and his Government. Some of his own people from the Government/Party may also be involved in such a conspiracy. In the transit Saturn will be in the Sagittarius will also aspect the eighth and eleventh house. Jupiter will transit over Mercury. This implies that he will remain unscathed by all the conspiracies and emerge victorious – implying that the year 2017 will, in fact, be very pleasant for him.

Astrologers View point on Arvind Kejriwal–There is few unfavourable antardasha and dasha in astrology. For instance, Saturn in Rahu, Rahu in Saturn, Rahu in Venus and the vice-versa. Similarly, the Venus- Jupiter phase is also one of the very difficult and sensitive phases. There is nothing very significant in Arvind Kejriwal’shosroscope in 2017. But the period from 23rd January 2017 to 18th June 2017 is definitely not very favourable for him. His political downfall is clearly visible during this 5- month period.

Astrologers View Point on Rajnath Singh – From mid-January or Makarsankrantihe will be in the subphase of mercury in the Mahadasha of debilitated  Mercury. Saturn will be transiting over eighth lord moon placed in the ascendant from 26th January which shall aspect mars and Ketu placed in the tenth house. Jupiter has already been in the tenth house. This situation is supposed to be favourable for Sri Rajnath Singh. The prominent transit of Saturn on the eighth lord moon placed in the ascendant also signifies a slight change. And this change will be a good one. The Ketu in the tenth house eyeing the Mercury may also give rise to some controversy or difficult situations. Some of his statements may be controversial.

Astrologers View Point on Akhileh Yadav: Born in constellation of mars Akhilesh Yadav is in the effect of Jupiter – Saturn vinshottary dasha. Jupiter though in Rahu chandal yoga is in the third house being third lord making Jupiter stronger but due to Guruchandal yoga this Jupiter has been much weak and afflicted. He became chief minister in Rahu – mars vinshottary  dasha phase.Rahu in third house is stronger and mars is the lord of his constellations. But he is in Jupiter major phase; Jupiter is the third and sixth lord. The third lord is good but the sixth lord is not good which indicate less support from Brahmans. The sub-phase is of Saturn, the fourth and fifth lord placed in the eighth house of obstacles intrigues conspiracy and secret plot. Placement of the Saturn in eighth is not good but at the same time placement of the fifth lord in the eighth house can give him a sudden unexpected success too. Eighth house is a house which is very unpredictable. Saturn will transit in the third house of Akhilesh Yadav. Jupiter will be transiting over natal mars and will be aspecting the Saturn in the tenth house. Everything depends upon the Saturn ad eighth house of Akhilesh.

Astrologers View Point on BJP – BJP will be in the antardasha of the sun and the Ketu till 18th April 2017. Although Ketu brings about difficulties and challenges, but for BJP this antardasha- pratyantar dasha will be beneficial.

Astrologers View Point on Congress – From Mid-January 2017, Congress will come in the Guru-Shukra (Jupiter-Venus) phase. The party’s Shukra or venus is placed in the tenth house; which is good for Congress because this can result in their victory in any state elections. But this venus is placed with sixth lord sun and even the venus is the eighth lord. Which is indicative of the party’s weakness.
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