Horoscope for Her on International Women's Day

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IWD- originally called International Working Women’s Day is marked on the 8th of March every year. This day is celebrated all over the world to show love and being grateful to women. Women play  indispensable roles as  daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, and friend. Classic thinkers of our age have mentioned over and over again the various facets of an ideal woman. One such shloka states the role as-

“Karyeshu Dasi, Karaneshu Manthri; Bhojeshu Mata, Shayaneshu Rambha;

Roopeshu lakshmi, Kshamayeshu Dharitri; Satkarma Nari, Kuladharma Patni”

According to the Hindu Mythology, the six criteria of an Ideal women is that they work endlessly with will and conviction, advise like a minister, feed like a mother, love as most desirable lady in world, are beautiful as Lakshmi, and forgiving like Mother Earth.

On the eve of women’s day, to understand  women better let us explore the different personalities of women based on their moon signs –



Women born with Aries moon sign are usually lean and of muscular body, middle stature, ruddy complexion Long face and neck, broad head at temples and narrow at chin. They are ambitious, dominating, active, courageous and lover of independence. As a lady love almost anything goes when you are comfortable with your partner. As a mother you are a mover and a shaker, eternally young to the point that you figure never die spirit. As a sister sometimes you may be annoying as you are impatient and impulsive. As a daughter you are constant at worry for what you are going to do next. As a friend, you are a barrel of laughs, but hard to keep up to.


Women born with Taurus moon sign are short to middle stature, of broad forehead, plumpy, bright eyes, thick and stout neck, dark hair, clear complexion, and well developed body. They can be Social, affectionate and loving but can also be very unreasonable, prejudiced, when angry. Being impulsive in love you take a long time to select a mate. But when you do; it's with a look of keeping for a long time. As a mother you offer security, one can always depend on you. As a sister you are patient, helpful, but you can be stubborn when you don't like what others are doing. As a daughter one never has to worry about you, you are born with common sense. As a friend, you are loyal and true blue, providing your friends live up to your expectations.


Women born with Gemini moon sign are tall, upright, slender, quick and has moderate complexion. Legs are thin with visible veins, long arms, face, nose and chin. Hazel or Grey eyes look sharp and active. As a lover you can be very loyal to someone special who can be as smart as you and as witty as you .As a mother you are spry, smart and it's really hard to put one over you. As a sister, as a sister you can always find a solution to any problem you sibling face. As a daughter it's hard to know what you will conjure up in mind, but one can be sure that you’ll talk your ear off if others want to share it with you. As a friend, you are always willing to try something new at any hour of the day or night.


Women born with this moon sign you have a round face, full cheeks, short but prominent nose, black or light blue eyes or even grey, pale complexion, wide breast, small hands and feet. As a lover you needf reassurance, capable of enraging anyone just to see the anger toward you is some sort of proof of love and devotion. As a mother sometimes you can be rather smothering but that's only because you care. As a sister you treat sibling as one you your possessions, protective, loving and with consideration, As a daughter, you'll find out what moodiness is all about, one minute affectionate and the next well we won't get into that. As a friend, you will stick to friend making them realize that this is not a modern day superficial friendship but truly a lifelong connection.


Women born with Leo moon sign are often round in shape and slightly tilted at the corner. Hair is dark and reddish blonde. You have broad shoulders, large bones and muscles, tall, upright body better formed than lower, thin waste, prominent knees, round and full size head. Being sensitive to another's needs are not really in your line of thinking, but, as a lover if forceful enough; in a light sort of way, you are capable of surprising even yourself in your capacity to give.  As a mother sometimes you are at fault but never meaning to embarrass children. As a sister you will always outshine siblings but when push comes to shove, you will be there to fight on their behalf. As a daughter you will strive to make them proud and to be your bright light. As a friend you'll always attract a lot of attention but that's okay because you are generous and shares with those you cares about.


Born with Virgo moon sign you are tall with a slender body, dark hair, curved and hairy eyebrows, thin and shrill voice, walks quickly and will never have pot belly. Straight nose appears younger than age, a pronounced forehead. Being a lover you pay attention to what your lover likes. You make sure nothing interferes in your love life. As a mother you are strict, but as you grow older you realize it was only for your own good. As a sister you just wants everything to be perfect for siblings and is likely to stand by their side and help until they get it right. As a daughter, you are considered to be one of the easiest signs to rise. As a friend one can always count on you to give the critical truth when they need to hear it.


Born with the Libra Moon sign your features are almost even and well balanced. They are pleasing, but not very noticeable. You will usually have a dimple in the cheeks or one in the chin, markedly pleasant expression on the face and typically sweet and clear voice. Your body is full of curves, angles, curly hair, not necessarily fat. For you love is what the world is all about, and you can never quite feel complete without it. Which is what makes you a "yes" person, almost hating to say no; you like to flow with another in almost everything in life. As a mother you will always keep the peace in your household. As a sister you will treat siblings fairly in your mind however you are terrific at getting things from them as per your chores. As a daughter you'll be proud of the way you carry yourself. As a friend you are great at playing devil's advocate, always weighing the pros and cons of every situation as it occurs.



Born with Scorpio moon sign you have good personality, well proportioned stout body, long hand, average stature, broad face, commanding appearance, short and curly hair and muscular body. In later year they have tendency to stoutness, prominent brows and dusky complexion. Being a lover you are capable of any extreme, from unbelievable promiscuities to complete abstinence; you fight the game of control, rarely compromising with any action you might take. As a mother you expect the most from child, you also offer love, hope and adoration as a reward. As a sister you can be scary if siblings ever cross you, but extremely protective if they respects you. As a daughter you are secretive but only for your own good. As a friend you will never let anyone hurt your friend without putting up a good fight for the cause.


Born with Sagittarius Moon sign you will have a well proportioned and well developed body, large forehead, high or bushy eye brows, long nose, bright expressive blue or hazel eyes. Normally clear complexion, charming, graceful look, Double chin, open and cheerful features inviting friendship and the exchange of ideas. For you love comes through friendship; a mutual understanding and trust. Meaning, you are not one to play coy with anyone. As a mother you are always full of bright, wonderful exciting plans. As a sister, you may not see siblings a lot but when they're really in need of help you won't let them down. As a daughter, you are playful, daring and a bit of a concerned. As a friend you will lead your friends from one adventure to the next.


Born with Capricorn moon sign you have prominent features usually long or prominent nose, thick neck, long chin, dark or black hair, short in early age but one grows tall suddenly after 16 years of age. The constitution too improves as the age advances. When fallen in love you try harder, doing your "homework" about your lover, finding out likes and dislikes and then catering to what is precious to both of you. As a mother you may expect a lot from children, but it's only because you want them to have more. As a sister you will get whatever help you need as long as you are honest and hard working. As a daughter you need not worry, you can handle yourself regardless of the situation. As a friend you'll share the finer things in life with friends and show you how the rich live.


Born with Aquarius moon sign you are generally tall with full stature. Strong, well formed body, tendency to stoutness in middle age, good clear complexion, oval face, handsome appearance, brown shade hair; mole or scar on calf muscles, fleshy face, Good looking and friendly countenance. Despite being such a mental person, a born rebel, a nonconformist; you just happen to be a closet romantic. Unable to outwardly show such things, you demonstrate your love by doing a thousand little things to make your lover happy. As a mother you takes a unique approach to motherhood, children may question your methods but somehow they seam to work. As a sister you can always give that finished look when siblings just don't know where fashion is headed. As a daughter doesn’t be alarmed, you are just a trend setter, you'll move on to something new before parents know it. As a friend you can always expect to be surprise your friends in innovative way of dealing with any situation they face.


Born with Pisces moon sign your eyes are liquid, heavy lidded, and full of strange lights. Frequently, but not always, they are slightly protruding, bulbous and extremely compelling. Features are elastic and mobile and you will find more dimples than wrinkles. In later years of life corpulence or plump body may develop. Being in love you dedicate all of your intuition in the attempt to be the most skilled and imaginative lover ever known. As a mother you will allow children to develop their imaginative freedom happily adding to whatever fantasy they have. As a sister you are humorous, caring, helpful and sometimes a little. As a daughter you tend to live in a dream world. As a friend you will always have an unusual tale to tell and a creative way of encouraging others.


Wishing you all a Happy Women’s Day!

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