Hillary Clinton, the strong women in Man's world

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Her Long circular lifeline reveals her physical strength and morals, and she owns a strong and healthy physic.    

The line of heart is not  smooth there are cuts  which testify to a certain emotional issue.

The little finger, which is long, says that the communicative ability is among its strong sides.

Clinton has a broad palm with short fingers makes her can be quite direct, is less tactful . She enjoys power, and she likes to have her own way.Her thumb does show very strong will power and she is also quite aggressive. {aggressive Mars} adding mental and physical strength to face the odd.

Her right-hand palm clearly shows two horizontal creases, a head line, and a heart line. Her left hand, however, has only a single crease across the palm called Simian Line. Her Left-hand  simian line speaks about her extremeness ,determination, Male like personality. She will be hard to approach.

She is intelligent enough to understand that going to an extreme  can harm her and she is also intelligent enough to keep on the right side of the right people. Add to this a good dose of idealism, [ long first phalange ]  she does not share her true emotions easily [ long third phalange ]

The waist like a thumb, developed Lower and Upper Mars and flat  Plain of Mars, stiff hand, bent Jupiter finger with a conic tip making her witty but unreasonable and reactive.

low-set Heartline, a long Apollo finger is a god combination for a leader.

Hillary is a sensible person and a  strong personality defined wrongly.The  Fate line  in Hillary's hand is  long  in left but not that long in right hand [ Normally we get to see small fate line ]  it ends under the middle finger in left palms. A long line of fate which rides through the palm,  with conic index and  long ring finger   is making her a woman with considerable physical quality she will able to carry out any type  commitment but will face a lot of opposition.

Overall her hand, fingers, and the headline show that she is a practical woman, despite her strong emotions. She has the ability to control them if she wants to, and she knows when to.
As the shape of her hand, a fire shaped shows  she is not selfish and can see things in a broad perspective. She just needs to be careful of  arrogance and aggressiveness which can prove harmful .

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