How Kundli Dosh Can Affect Marriage

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Understanding Kundli Dosh

While matching kundlis, about 36 aspects are to be studied comparing the kundlis of the bride and groom. It is said at least 18 aspects must match well between both the kundlis in order to astrologically sanction the marriage between the two partners in question. Only when this is done, the coupe can hope to live in harmony and happiness with fewer problems in their wedded life. Kundli dosh refers to one or more serious defects in the horoscope compatibility of the two persons seeking to get wedded. There are three most common kundli dosh instances discussed as below. 

Mangal Dosh

Mangal dosh is the most common but highly dreaded among the different kinds of kundli dosh cases. Mangal dosh is said to be there if Mars is spotted in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses of a person’s kundli. Mangal dosh can be high or low depending on the position of Mars, the relative positions of other planets and the way the different planets interact with Mars. Some of the impacts of Mangal kundli dosha on marriage include an uncertain delay in marriage, death of the spouse, troubled married life, frequent frictions in the family and separation from the life partner. 

Nadi dosha 

Sometimes astrological readings of the kundlis of the marrying partners reveal that both the candidates belong to the same nadi, which is called as Nadi dosh. This is not a desirable case from the point of view of marriage compatibility. The presence of Nadi kundli dosh predicts a highly troubled and unfulfilling married life between the partners. Some of the most prominent effects of this dosh on marriage include unfulfilling sexual relationship, frequent clashes in home, absence of a proper bonding between the couple and absence of progeny in the family. 

Bhakut Dosha

Bhakut kundli dosh is yet another dreaded case of horoscope matching for sanctioning marriage between two partners. Bakut dosh impacts the marriage by making the partners infertile and minimising the chances of conception and child birth in the family. The effects of Bhakut dosh can remain for so long through the married life. This can also affect other aspects like general monetary status in the family, life span and mutual happiness of the couple. 

Kundli dosh and marriage

Kundli dosh is given utmost importance in determining the marriage compatibility of two individuals. Some of the cases of Kundli dosh can have a very serious impact lasting for so long in the lives of marrying partners. Therefore it is strongly advised that marriages between such incompatible partners are either avoided or suitable remedies are done to minimise the impact of the kundli dosh on marriage.
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