Effect of Jupiter transiting in Cancer in  2014

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Jupiter is considered to be the most auspicious of all planets in a birth chart. It is a planet when in a benefic state will bring in honours, accolades, happiness, growth, fulfillment and much more… It is also a planet which signifies governance, administration, academics, abundance, fertility, creation.. 

When placed in a benefic position in a birth chart or during its benefic transit, it can bring in a lot of positive changes in a subjects life..

However, if it is placed in a malefic state, it can create pseudoism in many forms. It can be the cause of delays and disappointments in one's life, develops an egoistic approach in one's persona and creates problems related to administration, bosses, father, mentors etc.. Jupiter being the largest planet in our solar system has a deep impact in our lives.. If placed  in a malefic state, it can also cause health problems especially related to liver, diabetes, anal area and other abdominal problems.   

One more thing to keep in mind is Jupiter harms the place where it transits but brings in positive vibrations to the houses it aspects. In Hindi we call it “Guru Sthan Dosha “

According to Lahiri calendar, the good thing is that Jupiter is now shifting to its exalted state in Cancer from 19th of June at 8:45 am and shall remain in that position for almost a year till July 14th 2015.

Here is an analysis of how Jupiter is going to impact various Ascendant / Moon Signs when it transit in Cancer.


For people born in Aries ascendant or whose moon rashi is Aries, the transit takes place in its fourth house.  Health of mother will be a cause of concern during this whole year. One should also keep a check on the worldly pleasures and comforts that one enjoys, for the transit might create some hindrances in those areas as well.

However, Jupiter shall bring in a lot of gains from foreign shores. There are strong possibilities of foreign travels, if you have been working for export /import then gains shall be in those areas as well. 

You will enjoy good health and also professional gains throughout this period. however, when it concerns travels then the journey still would need a lot of hard work and extra efforts from your end in this period.  

You shall undergo a lot of spiritual insights and blessings from your higher source which can help in expiating a lot of negativities from your life. You might also plan to renovate your house or buy a new vehicle during this period.


Jupiter transits to the third house in your horoscope. This is a phase when you will experience a lot of blessings from your ancestors, Guru’s, mentors. This shall also be the time when lady luck will boost your career possibilities. 

However, before experiencing any such favourable changes there is a time for redemption as well. Invoking your Guru’s and spiritual teachers or Divine source daily helps you in enjoying the good fortune even further. 

You might plan out short religious trips during this period. A lot of changes come in your relationships with your siblings especially younger ones.  Nevertheless, never forget that hard work is the key to your success and this time it surely will bring in a lot of growth for you. 

If you have been wanting to settle down in your personal life then this is the time when good proposals will knock your door and you shall find a lot of peace in your relationship. Married life will be extremely pleasant and harmonious.  

Property gains and some form of inheritance can also be expected during the coming year. You will make a lot of new friends in this phase. People associated with literary / communication industry shall undergo expansions in their lives.


Jupiter transits to your second house. There shall be monetary gains even if it is a little slow initially. You will mesmerize people with your inherent intellect and extempore speeches. Health shows tremendous improvements. Professional appreciation and growth comes in from all around. This is an excellent time for you to expand your business and experience growth in your professional life.  

You will win over your enemies and whatever slow movement you had experienced in the last year shall move forward in a speed which is comfortable for you. The wheel of fortune is moving in your favour now. 

However, be careful while going on long trips especially foreign shores. There are some setbacks that can be expected from that side. You will build up a huge interest in occult sciences or metaphysical interests during this time.


Jupiter transits in your own house. This is by and large giving you a huge push towards higher energy vibrations. So you experience ups and downs both. Since Jupiter does not give very good results in its own house, you might have to undergo some roadblocks which would need attention and cleansing. 

However, being in exalted state, Jupiter also brings you a lot of accolades and honours though they come only after a lot of efforts from your side. 

This is an excellent time for you to look towards your marital life. Peace and happiness floats in there. If you have been single and wanting to settle in life then this is an auspicious time when things will fructify. 

Academic pursuits bring in excellence and rewards. Lady luck smiles on you and you experience a new high in your life throughout this phase.


Jupiter goes to your twelfth house in exaltation. This is an absolutely excellent year to pursue your spiritual journey. Lot of spiritual insights and experiences are all rolling down on you during this phase. It is also a time when benefits from foreign shores are a strong liking. 

Jupiter being the lord of your fifth house and your eighth house creates an impact on those houses as well. Student vying for foreign shores for education will get success in their endeavours. Travels shall be successful and rewarding. You will also get a lot of support from your juniors throughout this phase of your life.

Gains from property, shifting to new house, renovating the existing one or buying furniture are all on the platter for you to enjoy.  You might also plan to buy a new vehicle during this year. 

Seek the blessings of your Guru’s and you shall be doing fine the whole year through.


Jupiter is placed in one of its best position during its transit in your chart. You gain from many resources and success comes in many forms. Support from friends and family shall be exceptionally pleasant and they will be your pillar of strength throughout this duration. 

However, be careful in matters of heart, you might have temptations to have parallel relationships during this phase of your life however, Jupiter being a benefic planet by and large will save you from any discomfort.

Academically, things will be good, though, there will still be moments of hard work and resistance to overcome throughout the year. 

Short trips shall be extremely favourable. Family bonds grow stronger and younger siblings gain a lot from your benevolence during this phase of your life. 
you might plan to expand your property base and also think about buying a new vehicle.


Libran's already have been reaping a lot of benefits from the transit of Saturn in exaltation in their own house and to Jupiter in cancer acts as cherry on cake creating moments of exhilaration and affluence. 

The transit takes place in their tenth house creating new growth opportunities for Libran's. Jupiter’s direct aspect to the second house also brings in huge growth and benefits in monetary matters. You will be respected for your wisdom and honours and accolades come to you from many resources. This is also a time to expand your base and grow accordingly. 

However, things shall not be as easy as they seem to be initially and a lot of hard work will need to be put in especially in professional matters. 

There are possibilities of some ego clashes with a family member, but playing it out with calmness and wisdom can also cool off the flying sparks easily. 

This is a phase when your opponents and enemies will bow down in front of your inner caliber and inherent wisdom as the year progresses.


You have been working quite hard for some time now. The transit comes in as a huge relief to you for the coming year. There is a huge turnaround in good fortune for you as Jupiter shifts from your house of death to the house of luck. 

You develop a keen interest in occult and lot of inclinations towards spirituality and meditations during this time. you also have a lot of religious travels in store for you. you might also be inclined towards trips to exotic locales that will suddenly start attracting your interest in the coming year.  

With Jupiter aspecting your ascendant, Lady luck smiles on you and brings you all the accolades, honours and growth that you had deserved in this phase of your life.This is the time when you will enter into a celebration mood. 

You will experiences, happiness, harmony, success and growth in your life. Monetary gains shall be good and academic pursuits shall be extremely successful. You will undergo a new phase in your life when things will be easily achieved and your communications will be at its best. 

You might indulge into writing and literary activities and shall find success in those fronts. However, you might have to deal with initial blockages and overcome them , so as to reap in the benefits of your efforts later on. 

Seeking the blessings of spiritual masters, ancestors, and mentors help in elevating your life further.


Jupiter is aspecting your fourth house which helps you to look beyond your present needs and take corrective actions with regards to your home front. You will take steps to either shift to a better locality or buy a new property during this time. Thoughts about buying new furniture or redoing your whole house shall also be high on your mind. A new vehicle is also on the cards for some of you. 

Jupiter, however, is also the lord of your own sign and presently is transiting to the eighth house. This is going to be a time when introspection will be the key to your success. Meditating for a while daily helps in tempering down any negative influences that you might otherwise experience in your life.You will also undergo a lot of spiritual insights during this time. 

Foreign shores attract you now and foreign travels are also a strong possibility. They will be successful but you will keep having nagging doubts about it. 

In the coming year be careful about your health issues. this is an area of concern. abdominal problems might surface up throughout this phase. 

With the lord of ascendant in your eighth house, you might develop a feeling of lack of confidence, self doubts and confusions which will keep lingering in your mind throughout this year.  Inspite of a lot of things going fine, you might still undergo bouts of insecurities in life. Putting Kesar and sandalwood paste on your forehead, throat and naval starting from an auspicious Thursday will ease out most of your problems in life. 


Jupiter transits to your seventh house and directly aspects your ascendant during this time. However, this creates a little dichotomy in its effect. 

At one side it helps you in settling down in your life. There will be good marriage proposals for capricornians who have been single and have been wanting to settle down for some time. Those already in relationship will find a new zest in their life.  However, there are also possibilities of developing a new relationship during this phase of your life. 

On the other hand, when it aspects the ascendant it is giving a malefic aspect to it, this might develop feelings of insecurity or a state of inner confusion during the coming year. Self doubt can also be harmful for overall growth in life and that is what one should learn to monitor during this whole period.

You shall develop a lot of positive relationships with your siblings. Your friends circle expand during this time and gains from your PR / communicative skills are also high on the motion in this phase.  

This is also a year when you might inherit a property or some inheritance knocks your door even if it is on a small scale.


You have a wonderful time ahead especially by gaining hugely in money matters. This is the time when your name and fame expands and brings you love, honours and appreciations even from your contemporaries and opponents. 

You shall be in your best form of communications and people will understand the wisdom and depth behind what is being told to them. Sudden windfalls are expected during this whole year period. 

Professionally, you will grow and expand your area of work. There are strong possibilities of being given new responsibilities or new projects that will do you good in the longer run. Your relationship with higher ups and bosses shall be positive and harmonious. 

However, inspite of all the growth, there still will be roadblocks in your path. There are possibilities of hidden enemies though you will eventually be able to win over them. 

Health shall also be an area of concern especially the abdominal part . The planets guide you to stay wary of strangers in this phase of your life.


Jupiter is aspecting your own house creating a positive aura all around you throughout this phase.  This is an excellent phase of your life when happiness, success, honours and growth all come to you in plenty. You reap in the rewards of your hard work now.

Your wisdom and insights shall be appreciated by one and all. Happiness from children is also a strong possibility throughout this period. 

You might plan to pursue a new course of study or try to learn new skills during this time. You are being blessed and a lot of good fortune knocks your door throughout this phase. Lady luck smiles on you and also supports you in all your endeavours throughout the year ahead. 

This is an excellent time for you to indulge into expansions and take up new projects. Professional growth will be easily achieved.

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