Dream interpretation beginning with alphabet T

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Table- A dream image of a table which is laden with food for a meal implies prosperity and happy unions in the family whereas a table which is empty denotes misery.

Tadpole - To dream of tadpoles highlights your awareness of the simple aspects of life.

Tangled - To see that something is entangled in the dream represents the dreamer’s mental state of confusion.

Tar - To dream of tar on the road is a warning sign that you may be trapped as you progress in life.

Taxi - To call a taxi in the dream highlights the need to progress in life by taking help from others.

Tears - If you are in tears in your dream then it means that you will very soon become a victim of distress.

Teasing - Being teased in a dream means that you are getting aware of your inappropriate behavior with others.

Temple - The image of a temple in the dream represents your physical body and suggests to take care of it and respect it.

Terror - Terror in a dream usually arises from fears and doubts that remain unresolved in the conscious state.

Thirst - To be thirsty in the dream denotes that you are trying to attain something which is beyond your control. On the other hand, if your thirst is quenched in the dream then it denotes that your wishes will be fulfilled.

Thorns - Thorns in the dream indicate that evil is most likely to affect all your efforts and hamper your success.

Toilet - To dream of a toilet refers to the release of unnecessary remains of problems which have been solved spiritually.

Torture - If you see yourself being tortured in the dream it indicates that fake companions will cause disappointments in your life.

Toys - Children playing with toys in your dream indicate marriage in the family. The dream of toys indicates happiness in family life.

Train - The dream symbol of a train indicates a pleasant journey for you.

Treasure - To dream of treasure symbolizes a thing that holds value in your life.

Trophy - To dream of a trophy suggests your recognition for an award for something that you have done.

Tree - The tree in dream symbolizes the basic structure of your inner self.

Trumpet - The image of a trumpet in the dream is suggestive of a dangerous situation happening in your life.

Tug of war - Tug of war in the dream symbolizes a conflict between two forces good and bad, positive and negative, male and female.

Tunnel - To see a tunnel in your dream indicates an unfavourable personal and professional life.

Turtle - The image of turtle in the dream is a good sign and indicates unexpected joy in personal life and improvement in business affairs.

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