Dream interpretation beginning with alphabet S

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Sails - The image of sails suggests that you should use the power that is available to you.

Sailor - To dream of a sailor is representative of freedom both in terms of movement and spirit.

Sand - To dream of sand denotes a mental state of insecurity and instability.

School - The image of school in a dream represents the school of life where learning continues throughout your life.

Scissors - Scissors in a dream is ominous and denotes discord in the family and unproductive phase in professional matters.

Scorpion - The dream image of a scorpion foretells that false friends will make an effort to destroy your prosperity.

Serpents - To dream of serpents denote disappointments in future.

Shark - Dreaming of sharks implies that there will be troubles in life trying hard to make you sink into depression.

Sick - To dream of being sick means that you need to get rid of a bad feeling regarding a situation or relationship.

Silver - The image of silver in dream represents wealth.

Sinking - To dream of sinking represents a loss of confidence in you.

Snail - The image of a snail in the dream suggests slow pace and vulnerability in life.

Snow - Snow in the dream denotes misfortune and bad business.

Spark - A spark in a dream represents fire and hence can be linked with love.

Sparrow - Sparrow in a dream symbolizes that you will receive love, comfort and popularity in life.

Spider - To dream of a spider is a dangerous sign. It represents the calculative and indifferent attitude of some women.

Squirrel - Dreaming of squirrels implies the visit of pleasant friends.

Star - The star in a dream represents the dreamer’s aspirations, hopes and ideals.

Storm - To dream of storms can be associated with an outburst of emotions.

Straw - Straw in a dream represents emptiness and weakness in life.

Suffocating - To dream that you are feeling suffocated suggests that you are not able to have a control over your environment.

Suicide - To dream of suicide is a warning sign that something is coming to an end in a violent manner in your life.

Sun - Sun in the dream represents the powerful creative energy which is responsible for the development of life.

Swan - Swan in a dream is indicative of prosperity and joyful experiences.

Sweeping - Sweeping in the dream highlights your effort to clear away old or outdated emotions and attitudes.

Swimming - To dream of swimming denotes success after a lot of struggles.

 Sword- The dream image of a sword indicates honour and a position of repute in the society.

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