Dream interpretation beginning with alphabet B

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Baby - To dream of babies crying indicates mental frustration and ill-health.

Balcony - To dream that you are on a balcony suggests that you want to enjoy a higher status than what you have at present.

Bald head - The dream of a bald-headed person means that there are people who intend to cheat you but you may spoil their intentions if you are alert.

Ball - Representing totality, a ball in the dream signifies alteration in life.

Banana - The image of banana in a dream symbolizes fertility.

Baptism - To dream of an image of baptism signifies that you need to liberate yourself from an old and regressive attitude.

Barber - To dream that you have visited a barber means that you are looking for a change in your attitude or thought process.

Barefoot - Being barefoot can be a sign of poverty or the need for sensual freedom. To dream that you are barefoot and not being able to find your shoes means an awareness of your inappropriate behaviour.

Bath - Generally, people dream of a bathroom or a bath before experiencing a turning point in life. It is also believed that the water in the bath symbolizes an energy which has a spiritual connotation.

Bats - Dreaming of bats mean that the calamities and sorrows originating from evil acts are against you.

Battles - A dream image of battles indicates fighting against odds and emerging as a winner finally.

Beach - To dream of a beach usually can be associated with relaxation and creative pursuits.

Beard - The image of a man with a beard in the dream suggests that you should make an effort to guard yourself from deceit. It may also be a sign that you need to increase the masculine qualities in your personality.

Bees - The image of bees in a dream signify profitable and pleasurable engagements.

Bed wetting- Bed wetting in dreams can indicate your worries due to lack of the power to control. It may also be a sign of the necessity for freedom of expression.

Beggar - To dream of a beggar indicates that you are not a good manager in terms of finances and that unless you improve it, you might suffer loss of property.

Bells - If you hear the tolling of bells in your dream then it indicates the death of a distant friend.

Birds - Birds in a dream is indicative of intellectual matters.

Birth - The image of the process of birth in the dream signifies new ideas and prospects.

Blindness - To dream that you are blind suggests that you are ignoring certain aspects of your life. On an intellectual level, it may mean that though you are aware of some of the facts, yet you are not utilizing the knowledge in the most appropriate manner.

Blood - Blood denotes spiritual sacrifice or a loss of love in your life.

Boat - If upon clear water, then a boat is indicative of good prospects. But if upon dirty water, it means unhappy events are likely to follow.

Bombs - Dreaming of bombs is a danger signal and also refers to events which have caused shock earlier.

Bonfire - To light or tend a bonfire in the dream suggests that you need to cleanse certain aspect of your life. A fire of this kind can also be associated with passions that are not restrained by nature.

Books - If you see yourself reading books in your dream, you are sure to receive recognition, engage in pleasant pursuits and own riches.

Bridge - A bridge in the dream indicates that a present difficulty can be solved by reconciliation.

Buildings - Large buildings in a dream signify a long life full of travels to distant countries.

Burial - Death is an indication of change and the process of renewal.

Bus - The image of a bus in the dream indicates your feeling to maintain your individuality while remaining in a large group with common interests.

Butcher - The image of a butcher in the dream can be a sign to make you aware of the destructive side of your personality.  

Butterfly - The butterfly in a dream denotes prosperity. Again, it can also indicate that the dreamer’s mind is going astray.

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