MS Dhoni - Muqaddar Ka Sikander

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Numbers follow a man from birth to the grave they say, in Dhoni’s case the number 6, 7 and 9 have just stuck to him to not only get him the World Cup against all odds, he is indeed MUQADDAR KA SIKANDER! See the following to understand why. 
Starting his career as his a humble ticket collector from Kharagpur (9 letters in the name), he lived in the railway quarters 33 A, Unit number 15, which adds to 6 or if you want it as 33 +A(=1), it is 34=7, and Unit number 15 also equals 6! 
The man who gave him a job at the railways after being impressed with his cricketing skills ANIMESH KUMAR GANGULY, his kabala name adds to 61=7! Did you heart stop a beat?! Not yet? 

Read on, he belongs to Ranchi which has 6 letters in the name. He wears jersey number 7.   

Interesting factor is that INDIA and DHONi are both running PYR 9. Dhoni was the only player in the Indian team whose personal year (PYR) number was 9, and very coincidentally India’s PYR is also 9, his birth day. India’s independence day 15 August when added to 2011 to get its PYR number, is 1+5+8=14+2011=2025=9 and Dhoni’s birthday 7 July when added to 2011 to get PYR number is 7+7=2011=2025=9 and the place where he has been crowned as the undisputed Champion for India is MUMBAI which has 6 letters in the name and its kabala vibration is 18=9!

In all previous matches in this world cup DHoni’s fate no 7 and destiny 6 came up in all India’s wins, but with South Africa when the fate 3, destiny 1 combination came up, India lost. 
With Sri Lanka too, Dhoni’s Personal day number (PD) 6 operated....just see how, (his birth day 7 July, added to current year, month and day of match is as 7+7+2011(current year) +4 (value of current month April) + 2 (value of match day), so we have 7+7+4+4+2=24=6, which is also Dhoni’s destiny number from his full reduced birthdate..7 July 1981=7+7+1+9+8+1=33=6! And this was his PD 6 with Pakistan too.

So now you now why we call him MUQADDAR KA SIKANDER?! 
For those interested in numerological statistics see the following: 

DHONI’s fate number is 7 (born on 7th)=7 and destiny number =6 (reduced total of dd//mm/yyyy)..7+7+1981=33=6. 

1. With England ... India tied the match played on 27.2.2011 (9-6) 
as Dhoni’s destiny no 6 matches with match destiny 6! 

2. With Bangladesh.......match played on 19.2.2011 (1-7) 
Dhoni’s fate no 7 matches with India’s match destiny 7 

3.With Netherland’s........match played on 9.3.2011 (9-7) 
Dhoni’s fate no 7 matches with match destiny 7 

And his PYR 9 matches with match fate 9 

4. With W.Indies..............match played on 20.3.2011 (2-9) 
Dhoni’s PYR 9 matches with match destiny no 9 

5. With Australia..............match played on 24.3.2011 (6-4) 
Dhoni’s destiny no 6 matches with match fate no 6, 

6. With Africa............. Match played on 12.3.2011 (3-1) 
None of Dhoni’s numbers matched with any number and we lost!

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