Dhanteras with Puja Muhurta

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The most popular festival Dhanteras falls on the first day of Diwali festival. On dividing Dhanteras, we get Dhan and Teras, where “Dhan” stands for wealth and “Teras” signifies 13th day. It is celebrated two days before the Diwali festival. This is one of the most pious festivals of India, which is celebrated with great joy and happiness.


How to celebrate this festival


People believe that, on this auspicious festival, worshipping Goddess Lakshmi provides wealth, happiness and prosperity. Today, people lit lamps and welcome Maa Lakshmi in their house. On the pathways, Rangolis are drawn. People also draw footprints of goddess Lakshmi. Devotional hymns or Aartis are sung to praise Dhan – Lakshmi.


Dhanteras Significance


According to Hindu mythology, Kuber’s house is the residence of Maa Lakshmi, goddess of wealth. Kuber gave her huge wealth and pleased her. From Lord Vishnu, Kuber lends some money for his marriage. This is why, people donate money at the temple Venkateshwara. It is said that until the end of kalyug the process will continue.


There are some sections in Buddhism, who worship Lord Kuber, who is also known as Jmabhala. It is believed that worshipping Kuber helps people escape all the tensions related to money. This puja also helps to open the inflow of wealth.


On Dhanteras, Procedure of Kuber puja


Lord Kuber puja is normally performed with the Kuber yantra. This yantra is used to bring happiness and prosperity in the lives of the people. People clean a wooden plate and draw the kolam of Kuber with the flour of rice. In the year 2018, the auspicious mahurat for Dhanteras is 5th November 2018 between 18:20 to 20:17. 


Kuber puja Importance 


Lord Kuber is the God of prosperity and wealth. Therefore, people worship Lord Kuber on the auspicious day Diwali. Traders and business communities, generally worship Lord Kuber on this day and they are showered with lord kuber’s blessings. Lord Kuber provide every individual with a prosperous life with success in education, industrial, knowledge, career and business. This puja also helps in an adequate inflow of capital and removes all hurdles in life.


There are many astrologers in India who assist to conduct this puja in an effective way. Experienced astrologers provide motivation to do work in right direction. If you have any doubt related to their services and want to know more about the astrology services, then you can contact renowned astrologer Dr Hemant Bhardwaj who have many years of experience for how to effectively conduct this puja.


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