Death, Muladhara Chakra and 8th House: Anupam V Kapil

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Death and Samadhi (mystery the 8th house, which governs Mooladhar chakra.)
There is a big difference between Samadhi and Death, in Death, there is no gyaan and chetana, but Samadhi contains both. How will yogis die is seen from the 8th house. Whether  Yogis give up their life by yogball or by succumbing to disease, whether he gives up the life of his own Will or by Will of Death? At the time of giving up life, prana goes out through Brahmarandhra or another place? What is the length of a yogis life? Yogis who gave up their life by their Will are Swami Ramtirth, Yogeshwar Pavari Baba, Gondalwalkar Maharaj, Tembe Swami etc.  It is beyond the ability and scope of a normal astrologer/astrology to ascertain longevity of a yogi because a yogi who has attained poorna avastha by his yogball can increase his longevity as they keep their prana in their Brahmand and trick death, they have in a way a choice of timing their death. Kriya Yog, hathyog, kuhu naadi,,, shankini naadi, sidhasan, mulabandh, ashwini mudra, shaktichalan mudra, shavasan, bhujangasan and parkaya pravesh vidya etc can be seen from 8th house, so also the 8th month of pregnancy, which is governed by Lord Shiva.

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