Cyclone Hudhud and Numerology

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Hudhud destroyed Visakhapatnam, however the death toll recorded so far has been 22 which indicates that the government did a good job. Hudhud occurred on 12th October 2014. 12 totals to 3, a number of Jupiter and the total of this date is 2, which represents the Moon. Both these planets are benefic. An important point to note here is that if you look into history, you will not find any disastrous cyclone that occurred on a date that totals to Number 3. 

Which are the dates that can bring maximum disaster? Let’s take a look…

It won’t be quite right to state that on a particular date Tsunami or earthquake will not occur, however depending on the dates, the impact will vary. Numbers 4, 8 and 9 are supposed to have the worst impact of any natural disaster. 

Number 4 is Rahu, Number 8 is Saturn and Number 9 is Mars. All three are malefic planets. Number 8 or the number of Saturn is seen to have the worst impact. We can never forget 26th December 2004, the day on which Indian Ocean tsunami wreaked havoc - 26 adds up to 8 and when we total the date, it comes to 8 again (2+6+1+2+2+4= 17=8). Ironically, in April 2012, we had 2 more dates which totaled to 8 (17th April and 26thApril).

Some more dates on which the impact of Tsunami was devastating:

1. Japan Tsunami on 11th March 2011: The total of this date comes to 9 (Mars). However, 11 is a Master number and is seen as a deadly date. The world will never forget 9/11. In a way, if we see, the date 11th April 2012 also has 4, as it can be written as 4/11. However, the date totals to 2 which represents Moon.
2. New Zealand on 22nd February 2011: Again the number 4 is involved here. Around 30 million ton of ice tumbled off the Tasman Glacier into Tasman Lake producing a series of Tsunami waves.
3. 17th July 2006: 7.7 magnitude earthquake rocked Indian Ocean (Psychic number 8)
4. 17th July 1998: Papua New Guinea tsunami killed 2200 people. (Psychic number 8)
5.  26th May 1983: 7.7 magnitude earthquake rocked the Sea of Japan.    

Japan has been sensitive to earthquakes and tsunamis. Japan adds up to 16 (7), the number of Ketu. 7 is attracted to Number 2, Moon. Most of the tsunamis or earthquakes in Japan will have either psychic numbers 2 or 7 or destiny numbers of 2 or 7.

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