Capricorn Compatibility in 2018 with other Zodiac Signs

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Love lie is a wonderful domain of every human’s life on the earth. Love rejuvenates, refreshes, comforts and supports. However, to get the most of your love life or married life, it is essential that you choose a likeminded partner from the zodiac sign approved for you by astrology. This will ensure you remain happy and achieve the objectives of your love or marriage. Here is a brief study on Capricorn compatibility in 2018 with other zodiac signs to help you make the right choice.

Capricorn compatibility in 2018 highlights

  •        In the year 2018, marriage and love will go to the last row of your list of priorities. However, the presence of Uranus and Neptune in the first house of your zodiac sign this year, some positive change is expected. 
  •          Singles are most likely to get marriage this year. Those already married might move on with a new relationship and discontinuing the old relationship.
  •          This year is the best time to experiment with the choices in front of you to land on the ideal partner.

Capricorn compatibility guidelines

  •          Your partners are most likely to find you unstable and financially undependable during this year. Hence, exercise enough caution not to send those signals.
  •          Your health and professional commitments will hinder enjoying your love life and marriage life this year. If you wish to stay in a lasting relationship, avoid over-indulgence.
  •          With the Moon dominating your life during this year you will find crests and troughs in your marriage and love life during this year in line with the waxing and waning of the moon.
  •          January, April and May are the best months to forge new relationships.
  •          When Mars travels through your native house between March and October your partners will find you sexually attractive.
  • ·         Between November and December, you might face disappointments in the relationship front.

Compatible zodiac signs for Capricorn in 2018

Taurus, Virgo and Cancer

The natives of Taurus will make highly compatible matches for you since they can supply the resources and sensuality needed by your relationship. The Virgo natives will please you with their sincerity, commitment and simplicity.


Capricorn natives expect material benefits from their partners. While partnering with a Capricorn native in your life, you are most likely to focus on improving your finances. Once you find your candidate credible and loyal, you can hope for a long term relationship.

Incompatible zodiac signs for Capricorn in 2018

Libra, Leo and Aries

You will find a Libran too indecisive to tolerate. The dramatic nature of a Leo will make you feel uncomfortable. You will also hate the bossy and aggressive nature of the Aries born.

Sagittarius and Gemini

The Sagittarius born will distract you from your goals and you will never like the wavering nature of the Gemini born.

Average compatibility zodiac signs for Capricorn in 2018


You can find a compatible relationship with an Aquarian. However, the downside to this relationship is their aloofness which will displease your expectation of total commitment.

Scorpio and Pisces

You will surely admire the sexual attraction of a Scorpio born and will fall in love with the too sensitive nature of the Piscean.

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