Cancer Forecast 2018

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Cancer Forecast 2018 - Financial Position and Income

In the first half promotion or opportunity for advancement will come for some. You will make fortunate connections with people of status or authority, ones that can assist you with your work situation. There may be an end with a career cycle for some, one that in itself sets something new in motion. For others, a change or end with someone else at work may advance your status. You may have dealings with people of power or wealth. Some of you may find you are hungry for power or advancement where others may want to know the truth about power or people in power. Some of you may see a side to authority you do not like. Others may be caught up in a search for truth or deep meaning, one that takes you down the corridors of power. For all, career efforts or choices may be made in the context of partnership needs or the demands of home and family

In the second half, there will be new associates and friends, bringing fresh ideas to your life path. You may be more gregarious, renewing friendships or forming new associations. You may pursue a wide range of goals with humour and vigour. You may pursue a cause or a quest that's close to your heart. You may teach or learn during this transit. You may form new connections with groups or begin new endeavours. Travel, higher learning or people from other cultures may feature. New connections may lead to success. Some of you will be recognized for the work you do.

Cancer Forecast 2018 - HEALTH

The first and last part of the year you shall enjoy good health. However, you may need to be extra careful about your health in the middle of the year

Cancer Forecast 2018 - MARRIED LIFE

Good period for the married life you shall get more deeply involved with your family and shall be able to spend quality time with them Happiness from children and from the spouse shall give you the peace and tranquillity in life.Love is all around you in 2018, particularly in February and March If you’re involved, you may find that your life experiences, wants and needs to overwhelm your partner and you could find it difficult to keep up your part of the relationship bargain unless your partner is willing to grow with you (and you are more patient than usual). 

Cancer Forecast 2018 - LUCKY MONTHS

February, May and September

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