Arvind Kejriwal Horosocpe Predictions for Punjab Election 2017

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Fighting election is all about the grabbing power to come in the lead, and the six houses in astrology is all about the power. These houses are the lagna, the second house, the fourth house, the seventh, the ninth and the tenth house.

The ascendant and the lagna house of Arvind Kejiwal is very strong as the janma lagna and the Chandra lagna are the same. The good and the bad things in his life come with great force. The second house is weak with Mercury weak in shadbal with only 97% of the strength. This suggests that is speech will be not so powerful during the Punjab election 2017 and he may not grab position of a winner. 

The fourth house is very essential in the political role. A strong fourth house bring people to the public and we know the Arvinf Kejriwla is quite lovable between the people. His fourth house is strong which suggest that he will have a very strong base and support for Aam Admi Party. 

The seventh house denotes relationship. The seventh house is weak in Arvind Kejriwal Horoscope because the seventh lord Mars is placed in the neech position in the third house. 

Ninth house denotes kingdom, ruling power and dynasty. This is one of the most important in the house of the politician. The tenth house in Arvind Kejriwal horosocope is not so powerful for the further political career as it is only 372 units of strength. The tenth lord Saturn is weak placed in the twelfth house, the house of wastage and destruction.

The coming election in Punjab will take place between February 8 to March 8. The Dasha Bhukti running at this time is Jupiter-Mars-Mercury. Jupiter will not provide help, Mars is not so powerful but Mercury will be somewhat favorable for Arvind Kejriwal for Punjab election 2017. The complete analysis may not be in favor to Aam Admi Party and Arvind Kejriwal. The performance of Aam Admi party will lack charm and luster in Punjab election. The projection of huge vote for this party and huge winning may not be favorable for Aam Admi Party. 

The beginning of the period of Jupiter-Rahu from 7/7/2017 till 18/11/2019 will be nor favorable as Rahu is connected to Neech Saturn in Chalit and Dashamsha chart. The start of saturn Mahadasha may also not be favorable for Arvind Kejriwal. Therefore, it is very gloomy to decide win in Punjab election 2017 for Arvind Kejriwal. 

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