Arudra Darshan: Celebration Of Shiva’s Cosmic Dance

Apr 13, 2017
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Arudra darshan visualizes the divine cosmic dance of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is visualized in the form of red flame dancing in every particle of the universe as the energy moving it to action and life. It is said Lord Shiva in engaged in five fold divine play including creation, sustenance, destruction, dissolution and blessing. The whole of the universe is said to have emanated from the sound of his damaru (dumbbell shaped drum). The festival of Arudra is meant to enjoy the Natraj form of Lord Shiva. 

Arudra Darshan Puja Vidhi

On the day of Arudra Darshan, wake up in the early morning and take holy bath in a holy river or home chanting the names of holy rivers. Usually, this puja is all about visiting a Shiva temple and performing the divine Abhishek of Lord Shiva. In temples, there is a special worship arranged on this day. Especially it is considered very auspicious to visit Natraj temple (dancing form of Shiva) in Chidambaram, a famous temple town in Tamil Nadu. The special Prasad offered to Shiva on this day is called as Kali (Thiruvadirai Kali as famously known in Tamil). 

Arudra Darshan Fasting Rules

Throughout the day, the devotees do not eat anything and spend in singing the glories of the Lord. On the next day morning, the fast is broken along with other Shiva devotees after seeing Lord’s darshan once again. 

Arudra Darshan Vrat Story

Once, Lord Vishnu was reclining in His snake couch in a highly blissful and contemplative mood. Adisesha (five headed snake on which Vishnu reclines) asked the Lord what He was thinking. The Lord replied that he was enjoying the majestic cosmic dance of Lord Shiva in his memory. When Adisesha asked whether it was possible for him too to witness the divine dance, Vishnu enjoined him to do a severe penance to achieve that fortune. 

Adisesha meditated at Chidambaram for a very long time to please Lord Shiva. Finally, he had the greatest fortune of witnessing the cosmic dance of Shiva as Natraj at Chidambaram along with sages Vyagrapada and Patanjali on the day of Arudra darshn. Eventually the temple of Chidambaram that we see today sprang up at the point where Lord Shiva blessed His devotees with the cosmic dance.  

Arudra Darshan Benefits

Observing fasting on Arudra Darshan is highly auspicious. Several great personalities observed the fasting on this day and attained immense benefits. 
Sage Vyagrapada, Munichakkar and the serpant Karkotaka observed this vrat and were blessed with the fortune of witnessing Shiva’s dance.
After observing this vrat, sage vyagrapada was blessed with a son named Upamanyu
Vipular, a Brahmin observed this vrat and got the fortune of visiting Kailash in a celestial flight.
Devotees can get the profound blessings of Lord Shiva by observing Arudra Darshan meticulously. 

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