Aries Health Horoscope Predictions 2018

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2018 looks like a promising year for the Aries individual. Like the last year this year also the Aries individual have to learn to prioritise. Knowledge of what’s important in your life and what is not is extremely important. Avoid overindulgence. People belonging to this zodiac sign tend to spend and overeat. So make sure you don’t overindulge in food and drinks. Your digestive system will be healthy if you eat in proportion. You can start by dividing your meals instead of eating a lot at once. 

Be extra cautious

In the initial half of the year, one can encounter injuries. So be extra cautious while playing and driving. Knees, hips require your special attention. Some people might experience flair up to some of their pre-existing disorders. So, timely care and attention can solve this problem. In 2018, your treatments for various illnesses like liver and stomach disorder will show results. Your health will show signs of recovery and improvement. In 2018 the Aries ascendants will be ruled by the planet Saturn.

Make sure you don’t over stress yourself

This will lead to limited or less than required physical energy being experienced by the persons belonging to this sun sign. Tiredness, irritability can be experienced by a handful of individuals. Though it might not lead to any major disease but an individual might not feel himself or herself to be completely fit. These kinds of circumstances will be felt more around September with the change in position of Jupiter. So make sure you don’t over stress yourself. Learn to relax and take rest when you feel exhausted. As per the advice of famous astrologer in India, you need to listen to your body and understand its language. Do physical activities or exercises with breaks in between instead of one long schedule. 

Meditation and yoga will help

Go for meditation and yoga as they will increase your strength and relax your mind and body at the same time. You need to strike a balance between your physical, emotional and mental well being. Recharge yourself time to time through outings and other recreational activities.

Depression might take over

With Saturn as the ruling planet for ascendants of this sun sign and its impact on emotions of an individual, a person might feel a lot of things in his or her mind and go through an emotional upheaval. Try and share your feelings with a person close to you at this moment. Don’t spend all your time with yourself but try and interact with people. Talk to people about what you’re feeling because if a person shuts himself or herself completely, there are chances that depression might take over him or her. So take the help of a counsellor or therapist if required. One should not hesitate in seeking professional help. In this case, you can rely on the highly accurate and precise predictions made by a well-known astrologer in India; Astrologer Hemant Bhardwaj. One can also try writing down their feelings on a paper if one is too shy to speak. This way one can deal with their demons gracefully. Spreading positive vibes and staying with people who bring out the best in you will be beneficial for you. Stay away from negative and pessimistic opinions and views.

Take care of your Digestive System

Children belonging to this zodiac sign need to be active in their day to day lives. All the people, in general, need to care of their digestive system. It will be sensitive along with liver and stomach. So the importance of a healthy diet is greatly enhanced. Break your meals into small parts. One can consult a nutritionist or dietician to make diet charts which suit their body as everybody’s dietary requirements are different and also vary according to the lifestyle of an individual. 

Strengthen the different body parts by going for more natural ways like use of herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, yoga etc. Keeping the stomach healthy is of utmost importance and for this one can try different asanas. A disciplined and healthy lifestyle will not only lead to physical but also emotional and mental goodness and well be being.

One should not consider a sign or symptom as too small and neglect them. Take medical assistance immediately as delaying will only aggregate the problem.


Aries are supposed to be highly emotional beings. They are sensitive and tend to think a lot about everything that happens in their lives. So make sure you don’t get into depression and make it habit to talk your heart out. Approach a positive attitude in life and don’t get disheartened by small problems in life. Try to avoid worrying about what people think about you and try and achieve your goals. 

Set your targets and put your energy into achieving them. People who have Saturn as their ruling planet also have high chances of obesity and heartburns. So make physical activity a part of your daily routine. Try to maintain your physical appearance as it would lead to you gaining confidence and feel good about yourself. Go for walking, swimming, cycling etc to burn those calories. Start small and be consistent in your approach.

As gastric troubles are a major worry, incorporate a lot of fibre and green vegetables like cucumber, mushrooms etc in your diet. Keep yourself hydrated and drink sufficient water throughout the day. Avoid watching TV as it would lead to binge eating. Break your meals and avoid heavy and oily food. Stay away from alcoholic drinks as much as possible. You need to understand self and discipline and control your urges. Maintain calm and don’t stress yourself over small issues.

Take special care of your health from August to October as this is a period of stress and there are chances of a major health issue. 

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