Akshay Tritiya

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The literal meaning of ‘Akshay’ is one that is imperishable, hence Akshay Tritiya is that ‘Thithi’ which is eternal in Hindu almanac by nature. This day is believed to bring all round success and good luck. One of the four most sacred and significant tithis for the Hindus is the Akhateej or Akshay Tritiya. It falls on the third lunar day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaisakha. This year this eternal tithi falls on 2nd May 2014. 

On this propitious day, people should take a resolve to leave behind all the negative aspects of their personality and adopt positive virtues such as kindness, sympathy, brotherhood and love. Akshay Tritiya is the best day for all kinds of auspicious occasions right from marriage and house warming ceremonies to starting a new business venture. This is the “Swayam Siddha” Muhurtha. According to the legend, any kind of venture that is initiated on the favourable day of Akshay Tritiya, tends to grow big and successful. 

As a part of the ritual of this day, people actively participate in organizing a pooja at home and worship the Almighty to attain a contented life. Fasts are observed and ‘homas’ are performed to appease Vishnu. It is believed that a person who does charity in any form on this day is blessed by God. Generally, people give salt, rice, clarified butter, fruits, tamarind, sugar, water pot, umbrella and clothes in charity. Most of the people buy gold on this day under the notion that it would grow and help them lead a prosperous life. Businessmen worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi as they perform the opening ceremony to start a new account book. This is the day when all kinds of ‘Japa’, ‘Tapa’ (meditation), Kirtan (chanting hymns), Gyan (wisdom) and ‘Daan’ (donation) provide imperishable results. Go all out to appear Lord Vishnu and enjoy life. 

Importance of “Akshay Tritiya Tithi” 

According to the Hindu analysis of time or ‘Kaal’, there are four ‘Swayamsiddha’ tithi or most auspicious Muhurtha - Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (Gudipadwa), Akshay Tritiya, Dussehra and Deepavali. 

This tithi of Akshay Tritiya marks the beginning of Satya Yuga. 

Auspicious and pure activities conducted on this tithi make life blissful. It is highly beneficial to bathe in the holy waters of the Ganges or other sacred river on this day. 

The famous pilgrimage of Badrinarayan re-opens on this auspicious day. 

This is the only day of the year when the holy feet of the deity of Shree Bankebihariji temple in Vrindavan can be seen as ‘Darshana’. 
“Nar-Narayan” were incarnated on this auspicious tithi. 

It is the day when Lord Parshuramji took birth. 

This is the day when Haygriva descended on earth. 

Astro –Vastu remedial measures to remove obstacles and ensure unlimited success Scholars of astrology suggest a few ways in accordance to both Lagna and Rashi on Akshay Tritiya to get rid of problems. The best thing about these suggestions is that these can be followed by people of all religion and faith. Following these simple ways you may remove obstacles and ensure unlimited success and happiness in life. 

Mesh - Both Lagna as well as Rashi natives of Mesh Moon sign should take one and quarter split red lentils (masoor daal), tie these in a red coloured cloth and keep this cloth at home or office on the Eastern zone. 

Vrishabha - Both Rashi as well as Lagna natives of Vrishabha Moon sign should take water of the holy Ganges or of any other holy river in an earthen pot and tie its mouth with a white cloth. This pot should be then placed at home or office on the North East zone. 

Mithun - Both Lagna as well as Rashi natives of Mithun Moon sign should tie a Bell mettle (Kansha) utensil with a green cloth and place it in the Northern zone of the house or office. 

Karkat - Both Rashi as well as Lagna natives of Karkat Moon sign should fill a vessel or bottle with pure water and drop a silver coin in it. This vessel should be placed in the Eastern zone of the house or office. 

Simha - Both Lagna and Rashi natives of Simha Moon sign should take a bowl and fill it with rock salt and place it in the Eastern zone of the house or work place. 

Kanya - The natives of Lagna or Rashi of Kanya Moon sign should drop camphor in a bowl of water and place it in the Eastern zone of their shops or houses. 

Tula - Both Lagna and Rashi of Tula Moon sign should install any white coloured statue in their houses or work places on the Western zone. It is not mandatory that the statue should be of any God or Goddess. 

Vrishchik - Both Lagna as well as Rashi natives of Vrishchik Moon sign should fill a small bottle with honey, wrap it with red coloured cloth and place it in the Southern zone of the house or work place. 

Dhanu - Natives of Dhanu Rashi or Lagna should wrap any religious book with a yellow cloth and place it in the Eastern zone of the house or place of business. 

Makar - Natives of Maker Rashi or Lagna should take any vessel or bottle, fill it with coconut oil and put sesame seeds in it. They should take a coconut and tie a black thread around it. Both these things should be placed in the South Eastern zone of the house or work place. 

Kumbha -The natives of Kumbha Rashi or Lagna should take a dry coconut, cut it into two parts and fill the parts with grains. Both the parts of the coconut should then be sealed and tied with a red thread. One of these coconuts should be donated or left in the temple and the other one should be placed at the office or house on the Western zone. 

Meen - Natives of Meen Rashi or Lagna should take 21 coins and place it in one and quarter meter of pure yellow cloth. This cloth should be tied and placed in the Northeast zone of the house or office. 

For those who have no knowledge of Lagna or Rashi or people other faith may try these Special “Totka” techniques as well to get rid of their nagging problems 

Remedial measures for hurdles at work 

On the day of Akshay Tritiya, make a four faced lamp from the dough of whole wheat flour. Fill the lamp with mustard oil and put a little bit of black sesame seeds, one ‘batasha’ (a kind of dry sweet), vermilion and one coin in it. Then light the four wicks of the lamp and place it at the crossroads. While placing the lamp, pray to God that all the hurdles at work vanish away. As you come back from the place, make sure that you do not turn back to see the lamp. 

Make a person do work according to your desire, If you wish to make a person act according to your will, then Akshay Tritiya is the day when you can fulfill your wish. For this, you have to take three Gomti Chakra (a religious stone found in Gomti river) and focus on the person on whom you desire to perform this technique. Then, while chanting his name for 108 times in your mind, give him the instructions of work as well with strong emotions attached to your wishes. After this, offer the Gomti Chakra in the fire to fulfill your desire.
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