2017 UP Election Astrology Predictions

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UP elections are very important because the major ruling party dominating the state will get the reap of their either hard work or poor work from the people. Definitely, hard work and honest work will be rewarded and the people will negate poor and unfaithful work. 

UP election astrology is showing a clear eye, no better achievement for the Mulayam Singh party. Akhilesh Yadav is a Virgo ascendant and the lord of the Mercury is placed with Venus in the 11th house. He is an intelligent and a dynamic personality but he is currently under the Mahadasha of Mercury. This strong Mercury Mahadasha has helped to achieve greater height in the politics but the placement of four planets in the 10th house with the aspects of Mars can make him choosy and sometimes stubborn. Yes, it is clearly seen that the development done by the previous government were rampered and no steps were taken to flourish the ongoing development work.
He will sail with a strong and majority for his party but the formation of government may not be in his hands. 

UP elections is a teeth to teeth fight between Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav and Narendra Modi. Mayawati stars may favor her in this election because people consider her a leader who think about the development of the poor and the state. It is evident that she has implemented lot of progressive work for the people of Uttar Pradesh. 

BJP will have a good progress in this election under the leadership of Narendra Modi Ji. Although, BJP is running under the Vimshottari Dasha of Sun-Ketu, which will operate during the polls, there can be some backbiting between the leaders of BJP. The current planetary force of Akhilesh Yadav is not favorable in compare to the horoscope of BJP, so he may not even be able to retain the power of CM after this election. It will be very difficult for him to retain upper hands in forming a government in UP. 

There can be lot of differences due to distribution of ticket under BJP, yet the party main person, Mr Narendra Modi Ji is running through the favorable period of Dasha and Antar-Dasha of planets, so it is obvious, his hard and honest work for the people of India will reap good benefit for the UP election. It’s difficult to analyse a concrete prediction of winner for the UP election. But Up election astrology is pinpointing more towards BJP as a winning party with some coins in the bag of Mayawati. 

The starting date of lection if 11th Feb to 8 March 2017. The number 8 is going to play a vital role in forming destiny of leaders for UP election because, the power of Saturn is dominated b y the hard and the honest work and people will choose the candidature who has shown development for the nation and the countrymen. 

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