2014 - What is in Store for you!

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The Planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu exercise great influence on everyone destiny. Being Slow moving planets the span of effects generated by them is felt heavily......the year 2014 is marked by planetary twists and turns, retrogradations, dicey conjunctions , planets changing Signs..... The rhythm of year 2014 is marked by change, change and change. Those who fail to adapt the change are likely to face tough situations.

The onset of 2014 is marked by transiting Jupiter and Venus being Retrograde in Sign Gemini and Capricorn. Transiting Rahu-Saturn Conjunction in sign Libra will influence many in big way. On 4th Feb. Mars with its transit in Libra join the quorum of transiting Saturn and Rahu. This three planets conjunction in sign Libra for around 2 months is going to test patience of many. Adding to this Mars is turning Retrograde on 1st March with Saturn going in same mode on 2nd of March 2014. On Positive Note Jupiter is turning Direct on 6th March 2014- giving relief to many on Various Front. Once again Mars will show its aggression by returning to Sign Virgo being retrograde. It is going to provide Jerks for many. 

The New ray of hope brighten life of many with Mars turning direct on 25th May and Jupiter transiting in Sign Caner on 19th June 2014. After a span of 12 years Jupiter is going to remain in exalted state for a year indicating goodness in the life of many. 

The month of July is going to turn heavy with Rahu transiting in sign Virgo and Ketu moving to sign Pieces. On 14th July Mars again transits in Libra and Join Saturn. The malfeasance of the two can get boost during this time. To ignite the things Saturn is turning Direct on 20th July 2014. After a dormant phase of about 4 months Saturn transits to sign Scorpio on 2nd November 2014. With 2015 approaching by this time Jupiter will turn retrograde on 8th December 2014 and one can witness it being direct only by 8th April 2015. 

In general the above planetary movements during 2014 can confer following effects for the natives born with different Moon Signs. In any case, the specific results are heavily dependent on the basic strength of the natal chart-related aspects , transits an the running dasha pattern of the individual studied all in synchronization. 

Moon sign- Aries 

For few 2014 brings new start, happiness and promising opportunities. Few among you shall be blessed with zeal of attaining heights, passion to capture ambitions and moving towards new horizons. The infused spiritual impulses will fill heart of many with joy, content and satisfaction. For few 2014 can act as harbinger of unconditional love and acceptance. Overall the year brings good fortune with happy life for many. 

For few there shall be good news regarding job, promotion and rise during May and August -September. Few among you involved in partnerships or business shall witness increased sale, profits and clientele. Many can bargain good profits with investment in Real estate. Students may look out better growth through higher studies. Beneficial people will come in contact with you this year. 

For few financially things shall turn better compared to the last year. Some will enter a period where the stagnant phase in finances show change towards progressive phase. Few can see a phase where expenses are easily managed and taken care without stress or anxieties. Savings and investments will be planned simultaneously. 

Few among you shall say goodbye to old relationship which no longer meets your needs. People in close relationship will have good times and for others there can be passionate renewal of relationships. People, who are single, can expect a romantic date and love filled days. 

For most of you emotional satisfaction will get you to a better health. Restoring to naturopathy and herbal therapies in case of any major health problems will give drastic and fast reliefs. Developing hobbies that please heart, nature walk shall provide most of you with inner peace of mind. Pregnant ladies will have a good period of pregnancy and easy delivery. 
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