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Yantra is an important part of Vedic astrology. The term Yantra means an ‘instrument’ or a medium of ‘support’. It is generally found with geometric design patterns, acting as a tool, highly efficient, for concentration, meditation and contemplation. They carry spiritual significance as every yantra as a specific meaning and purpose that pertains to higher realms of consciousness.

It acts as a focal point, a window into the absolute truth. When the mind is clouded by chaos and chatter, concentrating on a single object, in this case a yantra, it helps to subside the noise. Eventually, it helps to maintain silence and lets the mind concentrate. Without any interference of an outside object, the mind can now remain empty and enjoy the silence. In advanced stages, it is possible to attain this state through the visualization of the geometric patterns of the Yantra.

The Yantra is a representation of a macrocosm in a microscopic image. It acts an inner as well as outer doorway, and a point of focus. The Yantras are often focused on one particular deity. Therefore, when concentrating on several Yantras, one can tap into the various deities – absorbing their force from the universe.

Yantras are designed in a way in which the human eye is attracted to the centre and the design surrounding it is always symmetrical. A Yantra can be drawn on paper, mental, earth and even wood. They can be three dimensional as well.

The most important Yantra in Hinduism is the Shri Yantra, i.e. the Yantra of Tripura Sundari. It is a representation of the entire cosmos and is a symbolic of the similarity between object and subject in the universe.

The Yantra is a based on form and shape energy. This is because it is believed that every shape emits a particular energy pattern and frequency. This means that certain divine powers are associated with shapes – the pyramid, the cross, pentagon etc. some shapes have positive energies while some have negative, evil energies. However, the energies that emit from Yantra Yogas are only harmonious and beneficial in nature.

When one focuses on a Yantra, their mind zones out of reality and tunes in with form of energy of the Yantra. The resonance then only amplifies further. Therefore, the Yantra is a doorway to connect with the higher realms of consciousness. They help us chart out our spiritual path.

The various geometrical shapes of a Yantra are lines, triangles, dots, circles, squares and lotus. All these represent different energies. Concentrating and focusing on a Yantra during meditation not only calms one’s mind but also gives clarity. It helps declutter.