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Pt. D Raj Shastri (Gold Medalist)

Pt D Raj Shastri is a world renowned Indian Vedic astrologer with a vast bank of knowledge in astrology (hindu as well as Muslim), Lal kitab, Telugu-Tamil, Bengali and even Punjabi astrology. He has been practicing the astrology sciences since the last two and half decades.

With his expertise and in-depth knowledge, he has helped his clients achieve happiness, overcome distress, seek proper remedies and solutions for their problems.

Over the years, he has helped his clients to seek happiness and overcome their distress with his predictions, remedies and solutions. Whatever query one has in their minds, Pt D Raj Shastri can help resolves these doubts and fears as well as provide them with solutions and remedies through the divine methods of Vedic astrology.

Hailing from a family of Brahmins and scholars who were renowned Bhrigu Rishis, he was fortunate to have learnt the science of astrology under the expertise of his father and forefathers. Because of his intelligence and diligence in the field, his has been awarded with many felicitations from various Astrology associations of national as well as international acclaim.

His expertise has helped people overcome hurdles, delays and obstacles in love, relationships, marriages – love & arranged inter-caste marriages, divorce, cheating, separation, financial miseries, mental trauma and much more. If you are facing any of the above mentioned problems or problems such as property dispute issues, progeny or children, business, abroad settlement, green card hurdles or visa issues, you can consult him at: +91-997-470-2033 Or Email: sairjyotish@gmail.com. Website: http://www.sairajjyotish.in

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Roots of Tantra-Mantra science

Deeply rooted in the core of Maa Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati in Assam, Maa Kamakhya is the Shakti avatar of Lord Shiva and the goddess of Tantra. She is also known as the Adi Shakti and Vidya and Mahashakti.

Nestled in the Nilachal Hills of Guwahati, 8kms west of the city, Maa Kamakhya temple was built to honor the essence of female energy. Situated in a natural cave with a flowing spring, devotees flock to the bowels of the earth to locate, the deep, dark and mysterious chamber of the goddess. Bedecked in a red saree, the Goddess is dressed in flowers. There is a mantra yoni, i.e. divine female genital.

Maa Kamakhya was born when Lord Shiva was carrying the body of Mata Sati. Accidently her yoni fell onto the ground and this was the spot where Maa Kamakhya’s temple now stands. This temple is among the 108 Shaktipeethas of Adishakti.

While the ideals of worship are unknown to those who dwell outside the tradition, one can approach the Goddesses as a simple devotee in many ways. A song and mantra are the simplest of options available. Every goddess has at least one or two pranama mantra, i.e. a mantra used to appease the Devi with complete reverence and respect. If one has a small shrine at home or has installed any of the Dus Mahavidhyas, they can make use of these mantras to invoke the potent energies of the Goddesses.

Pranam Mantra "Kamakhye kaam sampane kamesvari hari priye kaamnaam dehi me nityem kaamesvari namostute.”

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Astrology Remedies For Love & Relationship

Love is a feeling who binds two souls forever. Old says Love is blind. Love never justify the people by rich or poor and having deferent caste. It is a sweet understanding that There are lot of hindrances and problems which emotionally or socially faced by people in various form of relationship e.g. Love Break-up, One Side Love, Parents not accept your love, extra marital affairs of your partner, love acceptance problem, the person to whom you love she/he ignored you and many more. In Love Astrology point of view, it all happen due to planet position and their incompatibility between couples Horoscope or sometimes in influence of hypnotism

Marriage & Children Problem Consultancy by Astrology:

Marriage (also called matrimony or wedlock) is a socially or ritually recognized union or legal contract between that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws You may get answers to following questions: Marriage Dealy ? When will I get married? Will I get arrange marriage or love marriage? What are the good periods for marriage? Disputes in Husband and Wife ? Other Person in your Partener Life ?

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