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Virgo Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
Be prepared for what lies in the week ahead for you! Know which decision to makes, what to avoid and pick the right battles to ensure you have as good week. Read your weekly Virgo horoscope here
Weekly Astrological Forecasts
by Acharya Aaditya
Oct 05, 2015 to Oct 11, 2015
Do not be head strong else there can be discord with many people around you. It is advisable that you should maintain good distance from anger. You may struggle between lethargy and optimism so let optimism win and reach out for your goal. Prioritize the topics whenever you start thinking and let go the topics that you can tackle later. Beware of unnecessary expenditure. There may be some temporary professional disturbances so tackle them smartly. Your mind may swing between spirituality and materialism so decide according to the prevailing situation. Try maintain limited talk with your spouse and avoid situations of arguments.


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