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Virgo Weekly Horoscope by Bejan Daruwalla

The maiden holding an urn of wheat signifies the productive nature of Virgo
Weekly Astrological Forecasts
by Bejan Daruwalla
Oct 20, 2014 to Oct 26, 2014
Ganesha predicts that this week is going to kick-start with mundane activities that are actually very important for you. For example, organising your desk, keeping all official and useful documents in order, keeping books and CDs in their proper place, etc. During this week, a lot of interaction is going to happen with family members, colleagues, superiors and friends. Frequent communication will keep your mind very busy and will not allow you to focus on your work. You may feel like switching off your mind, and, in fact, not just your mind, but even your mobile too. Problems in communication instruments like mobile phones or computers are likely. You may need to hit the 'factory reset' button, or else things could drive you crazy. Your financial condition may take a little time to improve but you shall be able to maintain the status quo.

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