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Scorpio Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
Be prepared for what lies in the week ahead for you! Know which decision to makes, what to avoid and pick the right battles to ensure you have as good week. Read your weekly Scorpio horoscope here
Weekly Astrological Forecasts
Aug 31, 2015 to Sep 06, 2015
The Moon is posited in the dual-natured, watery Sign Pisces in the 5th House. The Moon is influenced by fiery Mars, posited in the 10th House and the wise Jupiter, posited in the 11th House. Mars is likely to make you feel agitated; while the influence of Jupiter is likely to help you stay cool. Jupiter will positively impact children in studies. You may be prone to adverse seasonal effects on Tuesday and Wednesday. Be alert and if you see any symptoms of illness, promptly visit your doctor. Better still, follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent any illness. You may get embroiled in arguments with your spouse this week, foretells Ganesha. Avoid altercations, especially on Thursday and Friday. Do not let emotions run high and maintain your composure. Natives of your Sign are by nature possessive and overtly sensitive in intimate relationships. Here, the judicious Jupiter will help you in keeping circumstances in control. You may then get busy with your professional work.


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