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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope by Bejan Daruwalla

Be prepared for what lies in the week ahead for you! Know which decision to makes, what to avoid and pick the right battles to ensure you have as good week. Read your weekly Scorpio horoscope here
Weekly Astrological Forecasts
by Bejan Daruwalla
May 25, 2015 to May 31, 2015
Mars, the ruler of your Sign, is currently combust. You should, therefore, do your best to control your temper, or else it may irritate your beloved or co-workers. This shall have a detrimental effect on your overall prospects. Ganesha also advises you to take extra care, while communicating with your dear ones and any authoritative person. This is essential, since the 2nd House from your Sign, (associated with Speech), will be influenced by Saturn, posited in opposition to the fiery Sun and Mars, and placed in the 8th House from your Sign. Select your words carefully, especially if you have to convey something that may be liable to be misconstrued. Business-people too shall need to remain cautious, while negotiating a big order or while dealing with their clients. Financially, you may remain unhappy, as some expenses may leave a hole in your pocket. Refrain from expending lavishly; save some money for the rainy day, instead. Singles seeking a love partner may meet a suitable match, during a journey to a far-off destination. Check your daily horoscope predictions now on iOS
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