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Scorpio Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
Be prepared for what lies in the week ahead for you! Know which decision to makes, what to avoid and pick the right battles to ensure you have as good week. Read your weekly Scorpio horoscope here
Weekly Astrological Forecasts
Aug 03, 2015 to Aug 09, 2015
Saturn posited in your Sign is likely to make you aware of ground realities and your limitations, predicts Ganesha. Undeterred, you may resolve to move ahead towards your goals. You may be tempted to exploit loopholes in the law to make huge profits. The ruler of your Sign, Mars is in its debilitated Sign, Cancer, and posited in the 9th House from your Sign. Debilitated Mars is likely to support you to use all means available to boost your earnings. The good thing is that, ruler of the 2nd House, related to finance, Jupiter is well placed and aspects its own Sign in the 2nd House. This indicates you may earn handsomely. On the negative side, though, debilitated Mars is in square aspect with the 12th House along with Rahu, posited therein. Under these influences, you may tend to become extravagant. Be careful or you may end up saving nothing. Around Saturday, Mercury enters its own Sign Virgo in the 11th House, related to gains. Sunday will see Mars leaving its debilitated Sign Cancer and entering Leo. Mars then positions itself in the 10th House from your Sign.


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