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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope by Bejan Daruwalla

The centaur suggests duel nature of sign that is infused with intellect
Weekly Astrological Forecasts
by Bejan Daruwalla
Oct 20, 2014 to Oct 26, 2014
You shall be very pragmatic this week, foretells Ganesha, and also positive because you shall tone down your aggression and take things in their true spirit. However, you may feel a bit tensed during the first half of the week due to overload of work. Demands from superiors or from the market will be increasing and your efforts to meet those demands shall make this week very hectic. However, in the second half of the week, you shall be able to fulfill your desire to take a break and you shall also be able to count on others who can share your responsibilities. You shall get support from your family members and also derive great pleasure in doing things to keep them happy. It's only over the weekend that you may be able to unwind.

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