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Cancer Weekly Horoscope by Bejan Daruwalla

The Claws of the crab signify clinging nature of the sign with this the glyph Suggest nurturing Quality of Brest.
Weekly Astrological Forecasts
by Bejan Daruwalla
Jul 28, 2014 to Aug 03, 2014
A hunky dory atmosphere shall prevail at your office, and you shall really enjoy working with your colleagues with such good sense of humour. Ganesha says this applies equally to professionals as well as businessmen. What's more, you will carry the positivity back home and dispel the gloom, if any, among your near and dear ones. The stars indicate that romance is in the air. If you are single and ready to mingle, you may expect to meet someone who will floor you on first sight, and if you take the initiative and work towards forging a relationship, Ganesha assures you that it can go a long way. For married couples, it will be smooth sailing and you will care a lot for each other. Sharing each other's feelings and emotions will strengthen your bond.

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