Janmashtami Puja Vidhi and Mantras for Good health

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Janmashtami 2017 Celebrations

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Janmashtami 2017 Celebrations
Janmashtami, a very popular festival in India, is celebrated as Shri Krishna’s birthday. This day also marks the birth of Lord Vishnu who incarnated as Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu. And Rukmani, Shri Krishna’s wife is considered as an avatar of Ma Lakshmi.

Special prayers for Lord Krishna on Janmashtami

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Special prayers for Lord Krishna on Janmashtami
Offering special prayers to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami is said to appease the Lord immensely due to which he grants one’s wishes and bestows them with wealth and prosperity in life.
Here is a special Janmashtami mantra to appease Lord Krishna and seek wealth as well as fulfill desires in life:

Rituals to follow on Krishna Janmashtami 2017

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Rituals to follow on Krishna Janmashtami 2017
Before you chant the mantra on Janmashtami, follow the below rituals:

- On the night of Janmashtami, i.e. on 15th August 2017, sit in your Puja room or a secluded corner used for prayers, wearing red colored clothes
- Place at least 10 Lakshmikarak coins and light a diya. Apply turmeric and Kumkum (vermilion) on each of the coins
- Using a hakik rosary or mala (black rudraksha), chant the below mantra at least 5 times for each bead in the mala

Krishna Janmashtami Mantra

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Krishna Janmashtami Mantra
The Mantra:

‘Om Hrim Shrim Shriye Fat’
- Post chanting of the mantra, place the coins in the locker or a place where you keep your money

Benefits of Krishna Janmashtami Puja

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Benefits of Krishna Janmashtami Puja
Janmashtami is a special day to offer salutations to Lord Krishna. It is believed that if one offers special prayers on this day to Shri Krishna, he will deliver them from temptation, evil, negativity and invoke spiritual bliss in their lives. Additionally, offering prayers on Janmashtami ensure individuals are bestowed with wealth & prosperity.

Krishna Janmashtami Puja for Zoidac Sign

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Krishna Janmashtami Puja for Zoidac Sign
Aries: Offer red sandalwood to Shri Krishna for happiness and prosperity in life.
Taurus: Couples who are childless should offer Gopi-Chandan to Shri Krishna.
Gemini: Offer Basil/Tulsi and Majiri to Lord Krishna.
Cancer: Appease Shri Krishna by offering cow’s milk.
Leo: To please Lord Krishna offer metal flute
Virgo: To seek fulfillment of wishes offer Panjiri

Krishna Janmashtami Puja for Zoidac Sign

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Krishna Janmashtami Puja for Zoidac Sign
Libra: Offer butter and mishree post Puja to appease Shri Krishna.
Scorpio: On Janmashtami, offer honey to please Shri Krishna.
Sagittarius: To appease Lord Krishna, offer yellow flowers and pitambar.
Capricorn: To get your wishes fulfilled, offer peacock feathers to Shri Krishna.
Aquarius: Offer Ganga jal to appaease Lord Krishna.
Pisces: Appease Lord Krishna with cow’s milk

What to do on Janmashtami based on your zodiac sign

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What to do on Janmashtami based on your zodiac sign
Aries: Arians should offer pomegranate and Ladoo.
Taurus: Taurus should offer rasogullas.
Gemini: Gemini should offer cashew nut sweets.
Cancer: Cancerians should offer mawa or coconut barfi.
Leo: Leos should offer jaggery or 'bel' fruit.

Janmashtami Puja for Zodiac Sign

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Janmashtami Puja for Zodiac Sign
Virgo: Virgos should offer pear, basil leaves or any green fruit.
Libra: Librans should offer apple or kalakand.
Scorpio: Scorpions should offer sweets made of jiggery or rabdi made of gud.
Sagittarius: Sagittarius should offer besan sweets.
Capricorn: Capricorns should offer Gulab jamuns or grapes (black)
Aquarius: Aquarians should offer sapota or chocolate barfi
Pisces: For Pisces, they should offer jalebi or bananas.

Fasting Rules for Krishna Janmashtami

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Fasting Rules for Krishna Janmashtami
Here is the right way to fast on Janmashtami
- Wake up early, bathe and wear clean clothes. Pay obedience to all Gods and take a vow to fast on this day while facing the east or north direction.
- Fasting can be decided by the individual, i.e. they can either go without eating the whole day, eat once a day or eat only fruits on Janmashtami.
- Take idols of Ma Devaki and Bal Gopal in a cradle (idol can be of metal or clay), offer Panchamrit and Ganga jal.
- Dress Lord Krishna in new clothes. Worship the lord with 16 upchaars.

Fasting Rules for Krishna Janmashtami

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Fasting Rules for Krishna Janmashtami
- Worship Vasudev, Baldev, Nand, Yashoda Ma, Lakshmi and Ma Devaki.
- Offer flowers, fruits, kush, Gandha in shankh or conch and water to lord Krishna.
- Celebrate the birth of Krishna and offer butter & basil/Tulsi mixed in panchamrit.
- Sing bhajans and devotional hymns and aartis.
- Chant shlokas from Bhagavad Gita.
- Wake up early next day to ensure you break your fast in the same Nakshatra in which the fast began.

For Janmashtami Parikrama

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For Janmashtami Parikrama
We all know how important a Parikrama is but we do not know the exact number of Parikramas to be taken to appease different gods and goddesses. On Janmashtami,
- On this day, take half parikrama or ardhaparikrama of Lord Shiva
- Do three parikramas of Ma Lakshmi
- 4 parikramas of Lord Vishnu or Shri Krishna or Shri Ram (any avatar of Lord Vishnu)
- Take 3 parikramas of Lord Ganesha and Shri Hanuman
- Do not stop or talk while doing parikrama
- Parikrama should end at the same place it started at